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How to Find Corporate Rentals on Your Travels

By Jsbdsl @jonnyblair
How to Find Corporate Rentals on Your Travels

Not a bad “view from the office” either – checking out the mix of countryside and urban flats in Yuen Long, Hong Kong.

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How to Find Corporate Rentals on Your Travels

A corporate rental is a temporary rental home for individuals or families who are traveling for an extended period of time for business purposes. This type of housing comes furnished with basic living amenities like furniture, a complete kitchen, toiletries, and appliances to name a few. Choosing a corporate rental when traveling to a new town for work will give you the best living experience and will take the stress out of living out of a suitcase. This type of fully equipped and serviced apartment is often spacious, affordable and will feel like home. Still, finding an extended stay rental can be a challenge especially with moving. This article will make this easy by highlighting some tips to find a corporate rental.

1) Corporate Housing Providers

These companies are like intermediaries who lease apartments directly from apartment building owners then furnish them for rental. In the past, you had to visit their offices or find their contact information to get a rental. Nowadays these service providers have set up websites to showcase the types of apartments available for short or long-term rental. Do a Google search for corporate housing provider in the city or town you are relocating to. You will get a variety of options to choose from which can narrow down to one with vast experience in this service. Surf City Rentals in Santa Cruz are one of the rental companies that you can trust to get housing in when moving. Using a professional corporate housing company gets you quality ready accommodation even on short notice.

2) Ask For Recommendations

If other people at your workplace have traveled for a similar job, then you should ask them for housing referrals. They have first-hand information on what types of housing are available in the said city or town. Alternatively, you can inquire from family and friends who choose to stay in fully furnished apartments during their visit. You can also inquire from your companies HR if there is an organized arrangement for accommodation during business travel. This saves you time in searching, and if there is no one, the HR can advise you corporate rentals that other employees stay.

3) Price

In case your company does not cater for housing, you need to consider how much it costs to lease the apartment. Corporate housing is generally cheaper than a hotel or unfurnished home, but you should be aware of price differences. There are premium and luxury service, which comes with additional costs due to additional amenities. Also, payment can be daily, weekly, or monthly so find one that you suits your billing plan. Another factor to consider is staying with your family or pets may cost you more so confirm with the provider before you book.

4) Services and Utilities

There are basic amenities that are available in furnished homes like TV sets, sofas, tables, bedding, toiletries, dishes, cookers, washers, and dryers. Other additional services to look for include outdoor and parking space, fitness areas, pools, storage, and security. If you want a luxurious home, you get the above amenities plus mail delivery, regular cleaning, and maintenance service, and proximity to transport & medical services. You can decide the service you want to make your stay in this apartment comfortable.

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