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How to Feel Confident and Beautiful in Your Own Skin

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

How to Feel Confident and Beautiful in Your Own SkinOne of the most difficult struggles many women face is learning how to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Insecurity and inferiority are two things many women deal with on a daily basis, which can lead to them feeling less confident and unhappy in their own bodies.

However, all women are beautiful; it can just take a while for women to see and believe that they are in fact beautiful. Learning how to be more confident can help women feel as beautiful as they are, giving them a longer, happier life.

Here are a few tips on how to feel beautiful and confident everyday:

For many women, they are so busy with work, family, and other daily responsibilities that they do not always have any time in the day dedicated to themselves. The stress and worry can keep women from getting a chance to ever have any time to get ready, do their hair, or even choose an outfit other than whatever they threw on in the early morning.

Confidence often comes when a woman feels put together. Setting aside some time each morning (or even just a couple mornings a week) to take a shower, put on some make-up, and choose a comfortable yet confident outfit can truly make a difference in the way a woman feels about herself.

Another great way for a woman to have some "you time" is to go to a spa or a salon where they can have a massage, get their hair styled with extensions by AiryHair, and spend some time just relaxing. These little things enhance a woman's already natural beauty by adding confidence to her daily life. The more confident a woman feels, the more comfortable she is in her own skin.

Health and Nutrition

Exercise and eating right can truly help a woman gain confidence, as both help the body to feel energized. The less sluggish a woman feels, the more confident she is in herself. Moreover, exercise is good for the body and skin, as it releases endorphins that stimulate the brain and body. Taking the time to workout and eat a proper meal can transform the way a woman feels about herself.

Gratitude Journal

Because it can be easy to focus on the negative aspects of life, keeping a gratitude journal can help remind a woman about the areas in her life where she is blessed. Moreover, this journal can also be a great way for a woman to write down things about herself that she likes. The more a woman can see the qualities she possesses, the more beautiful she will feel.


One of the best ways to grow confidence is by smiling as much as possible. Smiling not only helps bring kindness to a stranger 's or friend's day, it also helps a woman to feel pretty. Smiling is a confidence booster, for it not only brings a lightness to the face, if it's returned, it is a pretty great feeling.

Good Posture

Having good posture and standing tall is a surefire way to feel and look confident. The way in which a person holds themselves stems from how they view themselves mentally. Generally, those who are not as confident tend to slouch, almost as if they are trying to hide in their surroundings. But, those who stand tall, having great posture, tend to attract attention-in a good way. When a woman stands up straight, she looks poised, elegant, and confident.

Take Up a Hobby

One of the best ways to grow more confident is to take up a hobby. When a person finds something they are good at, they tend to blossom and open up, as they now have an outlet where they shine. For most people, failure can be extremely detrimental to their psyche, thus spending time doing something they are great at and are passionate about can remind them just how talented they truly are. From finding a career to a hobby to a volunteer position, there are many ways for someone to find an area they are interested in.

Learning to be more confident can be difficult, especially in a society where people are always compared to each other. However, when a person recognizes their inner beauty, they grow in confidence and feel more beautiful in their own skin.

How do you feel about yourself?

What can you do to improve your outlook concerning self worth?

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