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How To Fast To Lose Weight Fast And Keep It Off Forever

By Vicknesh @wellhealthblog
It's easy to lose weight fast by fasting. All you have to do is stop eating. But what'll prevent you from regaining that weight when the fast is over? What will have changed? Two things: your stomach has shrunk and your sensual awareness has increased. - A powerful one-two punch to knock out regaining that weight permanently.You have to begin the fast in your mind, then spread it to the body. First make up your mind that you can and will do this. Notice I didn't say "try" to fast. If youtry you'll likely fail. This is where the Zen mindset comes into play. To try something implies it's not already a done deal, so guess what happens? It never becomes a done deal! So, either do it or don't do it. Being a Mr. In-between doesn't work.Lose Weight FastYou make up your mind by convincing your subconscious that this is what you're now being and doing. Present tense. You repeat your mission over and over till it sinks in, till it's been fully internalized and assimilated. The idea of fasting has to be okay with your whole mind. If there are any reservations, the reservation will win and your fast will lose. Repeatedly say to yourself something like, "I am abstaining from food for a while, and it's easier than I ever imagined!" Again, present tense. And don't say, "I am not eating," because the subconscious can't process a negative construct.The example we'll use here is for a weight-loss goal of 12 pounds. Use your common sense and doctor's approval to adapt it to your individual goal, age, physical condition, etc.Here's the formula for what we'll call The 3-2-1 Fast: It consists of three mini-fasts, seven days apart. The first lasts for three days followed by seven days of attentive eating. The second fast is for two days, and the third is for one day. It's important to keep a journal or record of the food you ate and approximate portion sizes. You'll lose about six or seven pounds on the first phase of the fast, three or four more on the second, and two or three more on the third. Of course, individual results will vary. To lose more than 12 pounds, just continue fasting one day per week for as long as you'd like.Each fast consists of drinking about 10 to 14 glasses per day of plain or mineral water and diluted fruit juices. No solid food at all. Between and during fasts, it's very helpful to do some physical exercise and stretching, - some kind of gentle aerobics or brisk walking three to five days per week is ideal. Get lots of rest. Take a few naps during the day if you can, or take frequent rest breaks from your daily activities. Practice some kind of relaxation or meditation exercise regularly to neutralize any stress in your life.Coming down from each fast is as important as the fast itself. It has to be done gradually and attentively. But this will be easier than you may expect because your stomach has shrunk to less than half its "normal" size. This means that when you return to eating, you'll be fully satisfied on less than half your usual meal size. And it gets easier with each fast.The way to eat more attentively is to chew your food very slowly, while using all five senses. Eat with reverence and appreciation now. Treat eating as a meditation. Make it a meditation. First notice how beautiful the food looks on the plate with it's various shapes, vivid colors and balanced arrangement. As if in slow motion, lift a small forkful of food into your mouth, then return the fork to the table between bites. Don't put more food into your mouth until the previous portion been completely chewed, tasted and swallowed.Now detachedly experience the food in your mouth. Notice your tongue moving the food from side to side, back and forth, and round and round on your tongue, cheeks, palate and lips - to get the most mileage out of each morsel - to not miss the tiniest iota of delightful flavor. Witness the temperature and the smooth or crunchy texture of the food in your mouth as thousands of happy little taste buds now burst open to begin savoring a circus of delicious flavors and delightful aromas. You objectively witness the mouth salivating and gently swallowing when the solids become almost liquid.And all the while you're eating this way, you're watching very closely, like a cat at a mouse hole, for the very first inkling that the hunger you began eating with has subsided - then you stop eating immediately! Your stomach is full and you're fully satisfied - but the amazing thing is, you've only eaten about five or six ounces of food!Caution! You'll now have to be aware and careful about two things. One, your eyes will be much bigger than your stomach for several weeks - until the overeating habit is gone. And two, you may feel disappointed that you're full so quickly when you'd been anticipating a large post-fast feast. That's fat, defective thinking. Don't fall for it. If you eat beyond fullness too frequently, you'll stretch your stomach again and all your good work will be lost.Congratulations on correcting the size of your stomach naturally! You now feel very happy and proud of yourself.Bon appetit!Author:

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