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How To Drive Quality Traffic To A News Or Entertainment Site

Posted on the 23 January 2014 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Do you know that, the way we drive traffic to blogging tips niche is totally different from the way news niche drive traffic to theirs? Yes, bloggers that are in the blogging tip niche can get quality web traffic from almost everywhere while the news and entertainment Niche can only get traffic from selected areas. Hope you do agree with me?


Most people drive traffic to their blog without paying attention to the category of people that are in that source where they are trying to get the traffic from.

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The truth is – if you spend time driving low quality traffic to your blog (traffic that are not related to your niche), you will only waste your precious time. Or let me put it this way – Unrelated traffic source – No engagement – Low/no income – You’ll become a frustrated blogger


There is nothing more better and rewarding for a blogger then targeting a valuable traffic source that works 100%, right?

Promoting a blogging tip niche blog is not that hard to do because almost all the Facebook group, Linkedin group, Google+ group and other social site groups focus mainly on that niche. But the news niche is a bit difficult to promote except you have some reasonable amount of good social friends that are willing to share your post.

But thank God, news and entertainment sites do get a lot of favors from search engines so if you’re running the news and entertainment blog, you have nothing to fear or worry about because with the progression of time, your site will be greatly favored by search engines.

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But before search engines will start giving you favor, you need to put your site out there for people who want to read it and also search engines… for a faster favorism


Here are some best ways to promote your News niche site and as well as Entertainment niche site for maximum exposure.

Be Social

Okay, if your post is not passing through any or all social networks, then you’re greatly missing out of the exposure your blog should have.

Social network is one of the best sources to drive quality, effective and engaging traffic to any news or entertainment blog. But still – if you are not doing it well, all effort will be just a waste of time and…

Below are some social networks where you can get some serious traffic from if you perform your task well.



Facebook (Groups and page)



Google +

What other popular social network can you add to the list?

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Using the above social network will definitely put your blog in the game and drive you some good quality traffic.

Guest Post on Top News Sites

Guest posting on popular or well engaged blogs in your niche is one good source to driving targeted and quality traffic to your blog and as well get you popular doing it.

We have enough popular news and entertainment sites online that would love an exclusive or something “top of the edge” from you. Do you have that news, sports or entertainment news that will make anybody say wow…? Then sites like; zimbio, CNN, BBC, Yahoo News, MSN would indeed be interested to have that content.

Tips: If you have something exclusive or new to share with the world, you can go to yahoo and register as one of their contributor. If the article is worth it, yahoo team will publish it.

Now imagine the traffic you will get if yahoo or any other listed names should accept your post.

Be Exclusive:

In the online world, we have millions of sites that deal on news. It is almost impossible to break through if you don’t bring out something unique every once in a awhile…

Why do you think people go to Yahoo, MSN, CNN, BBC, etc? Because this names brings exclusives to us.

Having a news site, it is allowed to steal stories and edit it to your taste but if you don’t have story of your own, your site will not last ***fact***

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Tips: Find your story and make it exclusive (it could be a story from your neighborhood or you can interview somebody in your area or do documentary on somebody) – I am sure there are millions of people who’d want to know what’s going on with you and your surroundings.

Be Persistent and Never Give up

I gave out 3 solid tips that will surely help you drive traffic to your News site (Sports, Entertainment, Gossips, Etc.), but if you’re a lazy blogger or you are not persistent enough, this tips or any tip(S) you find online will not work for you ***fact***.

Also do note that nothing good comes easy. If you need traffic to your blog, you will have to work for it so you can smile at your end-result.

Let’s talk.

Looks like I have said so much about so much on this post, right? Now let’s make the post much more interesting…

Do you know any other way(s) of driving traffic to a news site aside the once I mentioned above? Then do use the comment box below to drop your answer.

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Do you have comments, questions or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Then please do by using the comment box below and I will be glad to answer you ASAP. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and much appreciated.

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