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How to Ditch That Wet Dog Smell #HappyHealthyOdorFree

By Kristy @mileydailyscoop
Get ready to SMILE because we are about to get rid of that wet dog odor that's been lingering around your house all summer long.
You know that odor that sticks around long after your dogs have been swimming or playing outside all day.
We're about to get rid of the stink with NEW Fresh Wave® products that are available exclusively at Target.
How to eliminate odors with Fresh Wave Fresh Wave is a natural odor eliminator that uses simple, pure and natural ingredients. Rather than masking the odors with chemicals and perfumes, they go to the source to destroy it.
Best of all, Fresh Wave products contain no harsh chemicals, just plant oils and water so it's safe for people, pets and the planet.
getting rid of pet odors with fresh wave products On August 16th, Fresh Wave launched 3 new products which are available exclusively at Target.
Odor-Eliminating Spray
fresh wave odor removing spray for pet odors Just Shake, Spray and Smile - it's that simple. Great for pet bedding, clothing, sports gear, shoes and trash cans.
Odor-Removing Gel
Removing pet odors with Fresh Wave gel Great for big areas such as rooms and basements. Open the lid, remove the seal, replace the lid and place where the odor is the strongest.
How to ditch the wet dog smell with Fresh Wave Just sniff, smile and repeat every 30-60 days; the gel will disappear as it evaporates.
Odor-Removing Packs
Eliminating odors with Fresh Wave gel packs These packs are the perfect size for places like your car, gym bag, diaper pail, closet, boat and camper to name a few. Each pack lasts up to 60 days. (As with all small things, be sure to keep packs away from pets to prevent ingestion).

Happy, Healthy and Odor-Free
how to remove odors with Fresh Wave So if you want to ditch that smell, we at Golden Daily Scoop strongly encourage you to visit your local Target store and check out Fresh Wave yourself!
Visit HappyHealtyOdorFree.com for complete product information and don't forget to sign up for their exclusive coupons.
Disclosure: Fresh Wave sent us a box of Fresh Wave products  for review purposes. We were not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are our own.

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