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How to Design the Perfect Home and Secure Your Family's Future

By Lollicious @lollicious

As a mother, I feel it's important to try to look after my family's future. I want to make sure that my daughter and future babies are well looked after now. But, I want them to benefit later in life from the decisions we make now. And that's why I like to prioritise the things that I think will be helpful in working towards this. So, for instance, opening up bank accounts for each to them is always a good idea, it's never too early to start saving.

But, there are other practicalities to think about as well. I feel that where I live is very important for the family. My home is an investment, and one that I hope to pass down to my kids one day. But, looking back there are so many things I wish I'd accounted for when we bought our home. So much so, that I wish I had designed my own house. Then it would have been perfect. So, I'm going to tell you how to design your own home and secure your family's future.

Okay, so when it comes time to think about designing your own home the first thing you'll need is a plot of land. You can't build anything without land. And you need to know what land you have in order to come up with a home design in the first place. So at this stage you need to focus your energies on securing land to build on. You can go through auctions or find out what plots are available to make the best choice. You need to think hard about location when you make this decision. Understand that your family will spend many years living here.

Once you've secured the plot of land you need you'll have an idea of size and space. So, this means you can now draw up some designs. You might have your own ideas about the sorts of things you want to have in the home. I suggest you get these down on paper by way of drawings. And don't worry too much about whether they look great. You can touch them up later; for now you just need a basic design.

When you've finalised your designs, you need to bring in the big guns. You'll want to get in touch with architects and find out who's interested in taking on the project. Then you need to make sure you work closely with them to get exactly the right home for you. Now, you might have some instances where you will have conflicting opinions. In this case, you need to listen, and take on board what's being said. The architects are experts, and they do this for a living, trust me on this. So, if they tell you something isn't doable, the chances are they're right!

How to Design the Perfect Home and Secure Your Family's Future

You need to remember that, at the end of the day, this is your home. So you've got to make sure you customise it wherever you can. If you want something as part of the home, then do it! Remember, you need to think about the future, so you want to build the best possible home you can. Think about future investments like solar panels and converting the garage . These will increase the value of the property as time goes by.

Securing your family's future is essential when you are a parent. And, one of the best ways to achieve this is to design your own dream home. That way you can equip it with everything a home could need. And it will grow in value as the year's progress. By the time your kids are older and you're no longer around, they can either use the home themselves or sell it.

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