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How to Decide on the Perfect Wedding Dress for You

By Khadija Beauty @khadijabeauty3

Since a wedding is one of the most important events of your life, you do not want to ruin it for any reason. In addition, you will probably want everything to be perfect when it comes to your wedding day. From your venue and dress to menu and jewelry, you will likely achieve that perfect bridal look you once dreamt of.

However, plenty of options for dressing and accessories can make you overwhelmed. A lot is riding on your choice, and there is a significant investment at stake. Lucky for you, we have come up with the amazing ideas that will help you decide on the perfect wedding dress.

How to Decide on the Perfect Wedding Dress for You

Know Your Shape, Style, and Options

Although it is quite possible to fall head over heels for the dress that you find online, do you have anything in that style or shape in your wardrobe? In the beginning, it always the best choice to use your existing outfits to determine what shapes and styles can look good on you and make you feel comfortable.

For instance, if you love to rock a pencil skirt or peplum, focus on fit and flare dresses. However, if your outfits are all about smock tops and relaxed shift dresses, a sheath dress or A-line outfit might go perfect with your personality. Then, you must visit different boutiques so that experts there give their valuable suggestions.

This will help you in deciding what style will look perfectly beautiful on you. Even if you do not find a perfect dress in their store, you will get an idea about what you actually need. In case, you are not sure what boutiques or designers to go for, you can head to a wedding fair. There you will find many designers and boutiques exhibiting their best collections.

Go for an Indian-Inspired Wedding Dress

The Indian influences on Western weddings are not a new thing. Be it bold aesthetics or multi-culture demonstrating appearance, Indian-inspired wedding dresses are audacious and translates breathtaking style. Indian bridal wear has significantly influenced western brides, and if you want something that makes you stand out than other brides, consider opting for Indian-inspired dresses.

For instance, the detachable hoop skirt combined with a mermaid tail-wedding gown can bring captivating flair in your appearance. The beautiful patterns and colors of Indian bridal wear showcase appealing looks. Whether you want to go for red ball gown or don up yourself in intricate-patterned dress, your wedding style will echo the beauty of multi-culture dressings.

Don Up Yourself in Marble Jewelry

Some brides do not prefer wearing any jewelry except for brooch. Perhaps they want to keep their dress simple and sophisticated. However, fashion is moving towards another dimension; the emerging style trends speak something different! If you do not want to stay behind, you will need to adapt yourself to new fashion ideas.

Especially for your wedding day, you must don up yourself that is trendy, stylish, and sophisticated too. Are you wondering how to achieve that look? Marble stone, such as this, has long been a symbol of class and sophistication. Accentuate your wedding dress with marble jewelry. Yes, you heard, right! The material, once limited to interior décor, has paved its way to fashion world. From clothing and jewelry to backpacks and shoes, you will find so many people adopting marble-textured style.

When it comes to marble jewelry, the breathtaking textures and subtle color tones accentuate the style beautifully. Therefore, if you decide to wear marble jewelry on your wedding day, it will give out an eclectic feel with an inspirational appeal. Since many fashion fanatics are incorporating marble prints and colors into their style, wearing marble jewelry will mesmerize everyone around you on your wedding day.

If you combine marble studs with your wedding dress, it will make a great combination to flaunt your exclusive style. Since you must stay comfortable on your wedding day, wearing the small size studs will not strain your ears yet make you look fabulous. Not only this, it will help you create a perfect look by highlighting your hairdo and face contours, giving you an elegant appearance.

In case you want to add more elegance to your personality, you can also wear a marble brooch. Not to forget, brooches have long been the favorite part of women’s ornaments. As they come with beads, diamonds, and twisted metals, you can choose what perfectly goes with your dress style.

If not a brooch, you can go for a marble necklace. Wearing marble necklace will create a glitzy and glamorous appearance that will mesmerize the people around you. Other than this, you may also go for marble bracelets to create a lasting impression with its metallic accent.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

Although a wedding is one of the biggest events of your life, you will want it to be the perfect one. If that is the case, chances are you have always wanted something dazzling and over-the-top. Something that makes you a showstopper; however, you may find yourself collapsed when it comes to choosing the ‘perfect’ dress for your big event.

Fortunately, now you have some breathtaking ideas that will certainly give you some relief. Believe it or not, the combination of Indian-inspired wedding dress and mesmerizing marble jewelry will make you look breathtakingly gorgeous.


How to Decide on the Perfect Wedding Dress for You
How to Decide on the Perfect Wedding Dress for You

How to Decide on the Perfect Wedding Dress for You Since a wedding is one of the most important events of your life, you do not want to ruin it for any rea

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