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How To Create Your Knoxville Home Buying Wish List

By Knoxvillehometeam @KnoxHomeTeam

11442453873 b86deb213f b How To Create Your Knoxville Home Buying Wish ListIf you’re like most Knoxville home buyers, you’ve probably been thinking for awhile about what you want in your Knoxville home. Buying a home brings up a lot of questions about what you do an what you don’t want in your home. Here is how to create your Knoxville home buying wish list.

Start With Your Budget

Considering how buying a Knoxville home will fit into your budget, is the first thing you should consider before starting your home buying wish list. Sticking to your budget is important so that you don’t buy more home than you can afford.

1. After talking with a Knoxville loan officer, how much home can you afford?

2. Based on how much home can you afford, does that monthly payment fit into your budget? If not, how much do you want to spend per month and how much Knoxville home does that allow you to buy?

3. How much money do you need to set aside for monthly expenses like maintenance, homeowner’s association dues, or trash pick up?

Make A List Of “Must Have” Features

Knowing your list of absolute “must haves” in a home versus the things you would like to have, will make your Knoxville home search much easier.

1. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?

2. How much space do you need?

3. Do you have specific needs to the size of the kitchen, backyard, or master suit?

4. What are the other things you absolutely can’t live without?

Narrow Down Your Location

Location is very important in real estate. Here are a few ways to help narrow down the location.

1. Is there are particular area you want to be in?

2. What do you want to be close to? Work? Certain schools? Shopping and restaurants?

3. Do you have certain requirements about what you want your neighborhood would be like?

Are you thinking about buying a Knoxville home this year? If there is anyway Knoxville Home Team can assist you, please let us know, you can give Rick at call at 865-696-9002 or send an email to [email protected]. Kati can be contacted at 865-392-5880 or via email at [email protected]. Also, be sure to check out our Knoxville Home Search Page to see what homes are for sale in the Knoxville area.

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