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How to Convert a Suitcase to a Trapezoid in the Most Simple and Economical Way

By Albert Wagner @albertwagner4

Those of you who travel often will have noticed that the suitcases we knew a few years ago have changed. Now most people are comfortable with plastic, hard suitcases or simple saucabages that are more convenient to transport.

The old suitcases had no wheels, they were usually leathery and quite heavy. Have you kept some of these in the warehouse? It’s time to take them out, dust them and make the right use of them. Of course, you will no longer use them on trips but inside your home as the most perfect vintage coffee table.

These are all you will need to make your suitcase a table.

What you will need

To convert your suitcase to a table, you will need 4 feet of your choice, a wooden board, screws, 4 metal bases to get your feet and a good screwdriver.

Step 1 Start by putting the wooden board inside your suitcase.

Step 2 Place one metal base and place one foot over it. Then screw down all 4 screws around the metal base.

Step 3 Repeat the same for the other legs.

Your suitcase is now a fantastic vintage coffee table and you can also use it as a storage compartment.

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