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How To Climb Google SERPs? 5 Top SEO Strategies You Should Consider For Better Results

Posted on the 22 July 2013 by Adeyemiadisa @adeyemiadisa

How To Climb Google SERPs? 5 Top SEO Strategies You Should Consider For Better ResultsWe all want our websites or blogs to climb Google SERPs and get ranked better for certain keywords.

Everyone of the webmasters or website owners want to get their websites on the first page of Google Search Engine.

Even a recently launched website has that kind of aim too – to be at the top of Google Search Engine and in possession of good Google PageRank.

Yes, it’s possible to achieve this, but it doesn’t happen overnight. The fact is that not all websites will be on the first page of Google Search Engine.

Why Websites Need To Climb Google SERPs And How?

Are you wondering why your website needs to climb Google SERPs? I ask this obviously “silly” question because if you are new to webmaster activities, you might be thinking what on earth is he talking about.

No matter what your website is about, you will surely need people to visit your website at a point. Otherwise, what is the point of writing all those beautiful and useful tutorials or articles if no one reads them?

This is where climbing Google SERPs or getting to the top of Google Search Engine is important but the problem is that it’s not something that just happens to websites. It requires some kind of efforts ranging from your website structures to the relevance of your website contents as well as keywords usage and others.

Getting to the top of Google Search Engine is like a marathon race, and in this case, every webmasters, marketers and SEO service providers are the participants.

Myself as a webmaster wants my network of blogs and websites to climb Google SERPs with better Google PageRank. But will this just happen without me putting in some efforts on relevant and quality content, considering the fact that millions of webmasters and SEO service providers are also working towards the same goal?

5 SEO Strategies You Should Consider For Better Google SERPs

So how do you get your website to climb Google SERPs or at least to be at a better position on Google Search Engine? Google search is the leading search engine used by millions of people globally every single minutes.

It’s imperative to know that hundreds of Google technicians have been working ceaselessly to enhance Google’s artificial brainpower, making it a struggle for almost all webmasters and SEO marketers to climb Google SERPs.

Mind you, it’s in Google interest to deliver unique, relevant and high value search results to the users within seconds. Therefore, engaging in activities such as trying to fool Google through Black Hat SEO techniques don’t always last.

You will ask how come Black Hat SEO techniques don’t last? Well, the reason is simple; Google is constantly working to improve its search algorithms. Most of the websites using Black Hat SEO techniques have been found out, penalized and removed from the SERPs.

Below are some of the SEO Strategies you should consider for better Google SERPs.

1). Identify your target market

Defining your target market is the first part of a competitor analysis. This you can be able to do by starting with a broad overview of your industry or niche market.

However, you’ll also find your existing customer base, surveys, Google or blog searches, industry journals and networking events useful.

Next, create a detailed profile of your ideal customer from the traffic source. This will enable you to have a sense of direction as in who your writings, articles or contents or services are meant for.

2). Analyse your competitors

Start your SEO activities with your competitors analysis as this will be the foundation through which you will be able to understand and strongly compete with them.

Through competitors analysis, you can then strategise how to beat your competitors at their own game.

Try to match or exceed your competitors. Analyze them, do what they do, and try getting the links they have or more links. This is one of the main ways of getting ahead of them in the search results.

3). Target proper keywords

Using proper keywords based on your website contents will also help you to have a fair share of Google SERPs and Google PageRank if you are linked to relevant websites with Google PageRank.

Always think about what people want, what they look for, what you offer, and so on. Targeting the right keywords and keyword phrases with proper search engine techniques is the right way for you to reach your destination – a top spot in Google’s SERP.

4). Post unique contents with SEO-friendly title

Google loves unique contents, therefore, always try to write great articles that are unique. It’s not just about writing unique contents alone, you should also try to regularly update your website or blog with fresh contents.

Remember that Google is constantly working to improve its search algorithms. Therefore, regularly updating fresh content is important to attract more website traffic.

Also, if people find your contents really helpful or interestingly useful, they will always be encouraged to visit your website and even make other websites link to you.

5). Proper on page optimization

Another really good way to ensure that you are doing good on Google SERPs is to optimise a page for a single keyword. This is far better than optimizing for too many keywords on a page.

Proper on-page SEO includes adding the focused keyword in the URL, Title, Meta description, headers, image name, alt, anchor text, link title, and up to 2-3% in content.

6). Get high quality back links

Get high quality back links – Obtaining quality back links from high authority sites is the most vital step in ranking high in the Google SERPs.

The quantity and quality of websites links to your site determines your ranking. The higher the number of PR site links to your website, the greater your link popularity.

7). Listen to your social customers

Google doesn’t like keyword stuffing or spamming, so the right usage of keywords is significant. Without proper SEO modalities, reaching one of the top 10 positions in the Google searches would remain an impractical dream.

If you are busy with your work, outsource your search engine optimization tasks to a professional SEO company offering SEO services at affordable rates.


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