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How to Choose the Bridal Gown Following the Italian Superstitions.

By Xxlauraxx @all4italy

italy In a previous post I told you the right months the best days to get married according to  the Italian superstition. You think it's so easy? No. A marriage organized following the Italian superstitions is very complex.  Let start with some superstitions from every part of Italy, related to the bridal gown. The bride has not yet chosen the dress. This is  a difficult challenge because that day the bride will have all eyes focused on her! Each  bride has its own style and she will look like a little diva. I have almost always seen all the brides dressed in white even though, according to custom, this color should be dressed only if the bride is a virgin. This is  difficult today and we all overlook this particular. In any case, if the bride chose a different color , there would be some specific directions dictated from the superstitions.  Do you want to dressed in blue? Besides the fact that you will be confused for a guest, it is said that the bride dressed in blue indicates sincerity. Are you shy? You have to dress in green: you'll look like a legume that goes to the altar, but it is so suitable for your disposition! italyYou absolutely don’t want a white bridal gown,  but an ivory color? You will have turbulence in life!You are a romantic and you love the pink color... you'll have some economic losses. It's worth the risk? Completely different:  you decide to have a red bridal gown dress (I assure you that many person will be puzzled by your choice in Italy),in this case  you have a death wish: you should think about it,  perhaps it is not appropriate… Finally you are eccentric and you decide to dress in black for your marriage. According to Italian tradition  it means repentance, according to my point of view this choice is not normal ...  you unconsciously think your marriage as your funeral? Well you  can always escape using the emergency exit! In order not to make some mistakes better to opt for the classic white bridal gown.  Anyway  your guests have to avoid the white color of their dresses for at least four reasons: firstly they are not the bride. Secondly they  are not the ice cream sellers  or the chefs, thirdly they are not at a party on a yacht and, above all,  they have to avoid the white because  the popular Italian belief says it!


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