How to Choose the Best Physician Like Dr. Rohit Varma

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Are you having problems with your eyesight and don’t know where to go? Well, there are several types of specialist eye physicians in Long Beach you could turn to.

Ophthalmologists and Optometrists

How to Choose the Best Physician like Dr. Rohit Varma

Ophthalmologists are eye doctors who specialize in surgical and medical care of the visual system, including eyes. They are qualified to provide services like eye exams, eye care for iritis, glaucoma, chemical burns, surgical corrections for cataracts, crossed eyes, trauma, glaucoma, tumors and advice regarding eye conditions that are related to various diseases such as diabetes etc.

Optometrists are eye physicians in Long Beach who deliver services including treatment of conditions such as strabismus and amblyopia, diagnosis of conditions including macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, prescribing eyeglasses, and contact lenses besides providing eye exams.

How to Choose the Best Physician like Dr. Rohit Varma

How to Choose the Best Physician like Dr. Rohit Varma

When you are searching for an eye doctor in Los Angeles, California in The United States of America, first consider the qualifications – the doctor should have impeccable credentials along with certifications from accredited medical institutions. His or her license to practice should be displayed prominently in the office premises.

It is a good idea to go with a doctor who is well experienced because he/she will be able to better detect and diagnose disorders and diseases. A doctor with a medical practice spanning numerous years is more likely to have provided good services to patients.

Select the best doctor in Los Angeles Dr. Rohit Varma he based on the services you require. If you have a cataract problem, then Dr. Varma who specializing in cataract surgery would be best suited for your purpose.

How to Choose the Best Physician like Dr. Rohit Varma

Cataract Surgery in California

A special mention needs to be made about cataract problems and surgery. Cataracts are an almost inevitable part of aging and as one grows older, the natural lens of the eyes may stiffen causing symptoms such as blurred or cloudy vision, fading color, sensitivity to glare or light, poor night vision. When it seriously impairs vision, the patient may have to undergo cataract surgery. During cataract surgery, the surgeon makes a corneal incision and inserts an ultrasound tube to remove the natural lens. A new artificial lens called intra ocular lens or IOL is inserted to restore the patient’s vision.

Cataract surgery in Long Beach can be termed successful when IOL has been inserted correctly to restore vision. When the power of the artificial lens matches that of the natural one that was present in the eye, the need to wear glasses is either eliminated or reduced.

There are many competent eye physicians in Long Beach who can take good care of your eyes, so if you are suffering from an eye related ailment, do not delay and make an appointment today.

How to Choose the Best Physician like Dr. Rohit Varma

Dr. Rohit Varma Say’s Portable Eye Wash A Must in Industrial Settings

Yes, portable eye wash is a must carry in industrial settings, where people need to workday in and day out with dangerous substances around them. In addition to them, it is also highly beneficial to have emergency eyewash stations set up at convenient points to ward off the dangers that dangerous eye accidents may bring in. Supply Line Direct is one such online firm that houses several emergency eyewash stations that are sterile and isotonic solutions.

It is mandatory for a workplace to have these eyewash stations installed at appropriate places so that they help the employees guard themselves quickly against any major eye accidents that may cause due to the dangerous particles entering the eyes. There are many eyewash walls stations that come in single bottles and double bottles. These are highly durable and open-faced bottles that can be held firmly in one place and at the same time provide great accessibility to the saline solution during emergency times.

Portable eye wash provides primary emergency solution and safeguards the vision of the eyes. These solutions also offer great visibility in areas that are highly hazardous and hence can be used whenever there is an emergency. They provide for the flushing and immediate decontamination of eyes whenever an unprecedented incident with the eyes has taken place in the work area. The emergency eyewash stations are designed in such a way that there is a simple snap out access to the bottles.

How to Choose the Best Physician like Dr. Rohit Varma

The wall stations can be mounted very easily on the walls as there are fasteners provided along with it. As the eye wash comes in durable plastic, maintenance is also very easy. Majority of the wall stations come in with body flush or personal eyewash. There are different volumes that are available at the store which the shopper could browse through and decide upon what is needed for their requirement.

The major advantage that portable eye wash brings in is that there is no need for any kind of dedicated plumbing. One can simply attach the unit to the wall with the brackets that are provided. There are also the double bottled eyewash stations that can be put on the wall. As they need to be readily available to the people for emergency flushing as well as decontamination of the eyes, they come in distinctive green color which naturally offers a lot of visibility.

These emergency eyewash bottles feature instructions in English and Spanish. One needs to take caution of the expiry dates lest the solution should create more harm to the vision rather than avert the danger. Portable eye wash is a part of the first aid item that again falls under the major group of safety equipment that needs to be there in an industrial setting or a warehouse. In addition to providing with safety equipment that is needed in the industrial place, Supply Line Direct also caters to various other needs that are related to shop and warehouse, janitorial supplies, secondary containment, spill response and safety signs. Browse through the entire website and see if you need any other related items that are ideal for your work setting.

How to Choose the Best Physician like Dr. Rohit Varma

Dr. Rohit Varma Flow Light on The Eye and Thyroid Gland Diseases

It is easy to note the aspect of some people who draw our attention to the presence of prominent eyeballs, almost out of their sockets. Their gaze is fixed, shiny, lids are removed, and the eyes are irritated. This condition, called exophthalmos or exophthalmia can occur most frequently in association with thyroid disorders.

Located in the neck, the thyroid is composed of two lobes and an isthmus and is responsible for the secretion of thyroid hormone. Basedow disease is associated with two diseases: exophthalmos (which occurs most frequently bilateral although sometimes asymmetric) and hyperthyroidism (increased secretion of thyroid hormones). It occurs mainly in women between 30-40 years.

Exophthalmia can occur before manifestations of hyperthyroidism, most often simultaneously or after the diagnosis of thyroid hyperfunction. Eye disease is independent of thyroid, and the suffering is not caused by it. It seems that both the eye disease and thyroid are caused by an autoimmune disease that attacks these structures by antibodies.

Hyperthyroidism can result in:

  • Excessive sweating, moist palms;
  • Increased heart rate;
  • Extremities tremor, excessive emotionality and agitation;
  • Heat-intolerant;
  • Weight-loss;
  • -Thinning hair.

Thyroid hyperfunction diagnosis can be made by determination of hormones called T3 and T4 by ultrasound and scintigraphy thyroid antibody determination. If hormones T3 and T4 values are within the range considered normal and clinically suspected hyperthyroidism, may be used and other hormonal determinations. Ophthalmologic manifestations occurring in Basedow disease are caused by infiltration of tissues within the orbit and eyelids with accumulations of organic substances that attract water.

How to Choose the Best Physician like Dr. Rohit Varma

Signs and symptoms of ocular damage

Ocular manifestations are variable; in few cases reach the final stages of illness. The first symptoms are related to inflammation and tissue infiltration; then appear the chronic stage in which the eye was quiet but may persist for a sequel of previous damage.

In the early stages occur only patient’s symptoms:

  • Feeling of irritation – dry eye – gaze fixed and bright – eye pain.

Then, there are:

  • Eyelid swelling – redness eyes – eyelids retraction – protruding.
  • When the extra ocular muscles are affected, are involved:
  • Deviation of the eyes (strabismus) or limitation of eye movement in certain directions – double vision.

In advanced stages, vision is decreased by affecting the cornea or optic nerve (usually at this point exophthalmos is very marked).

How to Choose the Best Physician like Dr. Rohit Varma

Eye disease progression

As noted, it is not always accompanied by hyperthyroidism, even if are simultaneous, its evolution is independent of the thyroid damage and unfortunately, treatment and control of thyroid disease does not always affect exophthalmos. The disease is variable, generally is progressive but is usually restricted spontaneously after a few years (median 3 years). After remission can stay eyelid retraction, exophthalmos, or strabismus in a certain degree.


Eye irritation surface is treated with artificial tears, nocturnal rest, cushion can be raised to reduce swelling of the eyelids; rarely diuretics are recommended for the same purpose; dressing eyes at night is useful if the eyelids are no longer close completely. In cases of progressive exophthalmos which rapidly evolving and is accompanied by ocular complications, is recommended inflammatory treatment that can be associated with orbital irradiation. If the disease progresses despite this treatment and is threatening the integrity of the optic nerve and eyeball, is performed surgery which removes fragments from orbit walls to decompress it. The eye should be bandaged if there are wounds of the cornea surface; it is sometimes necessary to temporarily sewing the eyelids together to reduce eye exposure.

How to Choose the Best Physician like Dr. Rohit Varma

Calivita herbal supplements helpful in exophthalmos

  • Evening Primrose Oil shows beneficial effects in disorders of the thyroid gland and ensure proper functioning of this gland with multiple and essential roles in the body.
  • Ginkgo biloba and antioxidants from Protect 4Life natural supplement composition beneficially influences many body functions. Its main action is on the periphery and central circulation, thus improving the health of many systems and organs.
  • With age, the body’s needs change as a natural process of aging. Senior Formula is a natural supplement designed specifically to meet the nutritional requirements of adults and elderly for a long and healthy life.

How is the inner fluid in my eyes different from my tears?

Aqueous humor is a clear, watery liquid that is continuously produced within the eye. It differs from the tears your eye produces. Tears are produced by glands outside the eye and moisten the outer surface of the eyeball.

How to Choose the Best Physician like Dr. Rohit Varma

Should I Worry?

Glaucoma can affect people of all ages, from infants to older adults. Although we are all at risk, those most at risk for glaucoma are those over the age of 60, relatives of people with glaucoma, people of African descent, diabetics, long-term steroid users, and people with intraocular pressure elevated (ocular hypertensive).

Investigators and physician are yet not certain why the Optic’s drainage channels stop working properly. What we do know is that glaucoma does not develop from reading a lot, reading in low light, diet, wearing contact lenses, or other daily activities. We also know that glaucoma is not contagious, life threatening, and rare. Once causes blindness if caught early and treated correctly.

How to Choose the Best Physician like Dr. Rohit Varma


Doctors recommend that screening for glaucoma be part of routine eye exams in children, adolescents and adults.

All people should have comprehensive glaucoma screening exams around age 40, then every two or four years. If you are at higher risk of developing the disease, you should get screened every one to two years starting at age 35.

Vision loss caused by glaucoma is irreversible, but if it is detected early and treated carefully and consistently, vision can be preserved. Glaucoma can usually be controlled with medications or surgery. If you are diagnosed with this disease, it is important that you follow a seamless treatment plan.

How to Choose the Best Physician like Dr. Rohit Varma

Who gets glaucoma?

To all, but the people most at risk of developing it are the following:

Over 60 years

Elderly Hispanics

Of African descent

Relatives of people with glaucoma


With diabetes

Who use steroids for a long time?

When should my eyes be checked for glaucoma?

The GRF (Glaucoma Research Foundation) recommends that people at higher risk of developing glaucoma, especially those of African descent over 35 and all people over 60, have a dilated eye exam every one or two years. Although many people were vulnerable to glaucoma, each of them is at risk. To help people who have already been diagnosed and to help us find a cure for the future, please consider donating today.

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