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How to Choose the Best Pair of Running Shoes?

By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi

Choosing an appropriate pair of running shoes is a crucial activity and it needs you to understand your foot type and the pronation of your foot.How to choose the best pair of running shoes?Pronation is the degree at which the heal rolls to the toe when the foot strikes the ground while walking or running. Neutral pronation involves the outer part of the heel coming in contact of the ground first. As the foot rolls inwards the complete surface of the sole is in contact with the ground which distributes body’s weight evenly on the entire foot. Over-pronation is when the foot rolls more than it does in case of neutral pronation, which results into the toes bearing all the pressure. In under-pronation the heal rolls to a lesser extent and the pressure falls on the outer part of the foot.How to choose the best pair of running shoes?
People with different pronation need different kind of running shoes. There is an exciting variety of running shoes available in the market for both men and women, which caters to different requirements of people with different gait. You can also buy running shoes online at running shoes having a curved shape are best suited to the runners with neutral or under-pronation. Motion-control shoes are suitable for runners with a flat sole and over-pronation. These shoes help prevent the excessive inward rolling of the feet and provide maximum comfort with even distribution of pressure on the feet.Careful selection of your running shoes will guarantee a good experience and avoid any negative impacts that could arrive out of making a wrong choice of running shoes.

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