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How to Build an Email List to Boost Your Sales with Social Media

Posted on the 02 September 2013 by Elizabethlmaness @elizbethlmaness

How are you building your email list? Do you have a opt-in form? Have you created an offer to exchange your fan’s email for some great information?  Your email list is the life’s blood to your online business. Never forget that. I wish I had know that my first year in. I made 30k with a blog and a product my first year in business but never built a list. Let me help you with the horror of this. I sold 667  items with an average price of 49.00 each…. 10,000 people that I referred to the program joined it. Those people could have been on MY list!…. If I had bothered to start it.

Oh, well.. I know what to do now and I love to give people starting out a heads up!   Let’s talk about how to build an email list so you don’t have to look back like me and kick yourself!

how to build an email list

Facebook can Help you Build your List!

Facebook has over a billion  user coming to their  site each month. With that in mind , think about what a great place to network and market your business Facebook could be.  I personally use it to make business contacts and keep up with my family and friends. Have you set up a way to have fans of your business page sign up to your email list?  It’s a great place to add a list! I use Aweber and Heyo apps for this and love it!

Adding a Web Form to Facebook  is pretty simple and can be made to look beautiful with an aweber form and a fabulous tab app. Here’s the link to my Facebook fanpage tab app created with Aweber and a Heyo app  Pretty, Huh?  My tab is very customized but it was made with those two elements that anyone can do.

If You have an aweber account go to the section in the link below and it will walk you through the set up!

What’s going to happen is that it’s actually going to add a special tab to your page where the form will be so people can sign up right there. Giving people the option to sign up for your newsletter right on your page makes it easier for them and they’re more than likely to do it because they don’t have to click here or click there and do this and do that – it’s all right there with easy access.

The End Of Each Blog Post

Big Hint! Add an email sign up list at the end of each blog post. This my friends is where I get the most sign ups!~ Why? Because people that read and like one of your entire articles are a warm audience. They are very likely to want to hear more from you!  So get busy and add a list here. It’s not as hard as you may think! I made the one at the bottom of  my post.

I use Aweber and built a custom list form. I took the code and added it to my simple hooks.  That will tell your theme to insert your sign up form at the end of each post.  There will be a section that says before after this or that in the simple hooks section.

Presto – a custom form that matches your website designed by you!  If you would like a few more tips on how to create this with Aweber  click this link to attend a webinar this Thursday and I’ll show you step-by-step how to build and install a custom opt-in form for your website. I promise, if I can do this, ANY one can!

Sweet Tip – How to Build an Email list using Twitter

Tweet about it! Tell your twitter followers about your awesome offer.  Direct  your Twitter fans to  where they can sign up! I share my fanpage opt-in offer on Twitter.  I have a teaser tweet with a shortened link and it send it out daily. It’s been a great help getting new people to sign up to my list .

Again, If You want to see how to do it step by step just sign up and I’ll show you how to get it built and installed!  The seating is limited so go ahead if you are interested in seeing how simple you can get it done!

How are you building that all important e-mail list? Do you have a your forms at the end of posts? How about on your Fanpage? Do you share your offer on Twitter? Leave me a comment and let me how you build your list!

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