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How to Balance Fashion Trends with Flattery

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Fashion trends, they are something you may love or hate or just not care about.  One aspect of fashion trends is how much you buy into the trend for fashion’s sake or ignore them for the sake of figure flattery.

Fashion Trends vs Figure Flattery

In this video with Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe, we discuss this and give our tips on:

  • How to choose the trends that will work for you. What to look for and what to avoid.
  • Colour
  • Body Shape and Silhouette – when is the time to ignore figure flattery
  • Lifestyle aspects

We talk about the concept of how much you have to stretch to make something work and ask the question “How far are you prepared to stretch your style?”  Do you want to keep compensating for something that doesn’t flatter?

We discuss fads, trends and classics – find out more about what they are here.

What are the things that last the longest? The ones that end up being the best value?

We’d love you to share your thoughts about balancing fashion trends with flattery.  Do please leave us a comment!

How to balance fashion trends with figure flattery

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