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How to Apply for A Student Visa Through CampusFrance

By Allisonlounes @parisunraveled

Getting a Student Visa is getting harder.

CampusFrance has gotten nasty and difficult and is cracking down on issuing student visas. This year, several people have come to me after their student visas have been rejected and I’ve had to try to make sense of the refusal, which isn’t always easy. When I started doing this – helping people come to France to study – in 2010, very few student visas were rejected, but now more and more students are having problems, from interviews that make them cry to unexplained and unmotivated visa rejections. The French Consulate does NOT have to tell you why student visas haven’t been approved, but this video goes over some of the most common reasons why your visa may be rejected, and guides you through the process of creating a complete CampusFrance application that is likely to be successful.

This video talks about the most common pitfalls of applying for a student visa, including program requirements and financial support requirements, and then guides you through the process of setting up and completing a CampusFrance account through their online system.

Topics include how to craft your statement of purpose and cover letter for CampusFrance, the documents you’ll need, and tips for the interview.

Here’s what you’ll need to submit the CampusFrance application before you begin:

  • scan of your passport, recent diploma & transcript (can be an unofficial, printed off the website version)
  • the acceptance letter or certificate of pre-enrolment from the school. This must have the program dates and the number of credit hours you will be taking.
  • a passport-style headshot photo
  • 150 word statement about your motivation and reasons for studying in France
  • a copy of your résumé
  • a cover letter again explaining why you want to go to France, why you chose the academic program you have enrolled in, and what you plan to do after you complete the program
  • If you’ve studied or lived in France before, it’s helpful to have a copy of the following documents: your work contract if you worked for TAPIF or another company, your attestation from your former school if you’ve previously studied there
  • If you’ve taken the DELF, DALF, or TCF, provide a copy of your results

Relevant CampusFrance Information

  • CampusFrance website:
  • Uploaded documents have to be smaller than 300kb. If your documents are larger than that, use a free compression service like (Not affiliated – just use it for free occasionally).
  • Assuming you’re from the US, your CampusFrance ID number will start with US16 (in 2016) or US17 (in 2017) and be in the top right-hand corner of the CF website when you log in.
  • Make the money order or bank check out to MCUFEU and put your CF ID number in the Memo line.
  • You can pay online for expedited service here (3 business days, $330) or for regular service (3 weeks, $180) here.
  • For expedited service: cover document can be downloaded here and documents can be emailed to [email protected].
  • For regular service: download the cover form here and mail documents to: Campus France USA, 4101 Reservoir Road, NW, Washington, D.C. 20007

If you’d like my help…

Sign up for a 45-minute consultation to “pick my brain” on CampusFrance, the visa process, or any topic related to living and studying in France. (If you sign up for another service later, I’ll deduct the consultation fee from your final invoice).
*Hors taxes: if you’re in the EU, including the UK, you must select the option with 20% VAT.

Full-Service Assistance from Allison

If you want to know more about my full-service Visa Application Service where I assist you with the CampusFrance process and visa application, or if you’d like me to enroll you at Etoile Language School or in my VIP student assistance program, please contact me using the form below:

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