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How to Accessorize Your Winter Wardrobe

By Sephoracouturier

Fashionable Winter Accessories

Skirts are out of the picture, sandals might as well stay in the closet, that blouse is about to go into hibernation, and every fashion trend you loved about summer is pretty much over (unless you live somewhere the rest of the world is jealous of: we’re looking at you, Los Angeles).

Winter Fashion
Now it’s time to prepare for the winter months, which means jackets, layers, coats, pants, and optimizing for warmth.

But let’s be honest, you’re probably as excited as I am for winterwear. Because it’s not just about staying warm and cozy, it’s how you look doing it.

Socks Can Epitomize Style

Let’s talk socks.

If you live somewhere where you don’t have to brave the cold, hard winter and skirts are still an option, then you should definitely consider some over the knee socks.

They’ll keep away that biting chill and make you look chic while doing so. On the flip-side, if the real winter is coming, then maybe it’s time to consider some heavy-duty socks that, while doing their job and maintaining your body temperature, will also complement your various outfits.

This, of course, means you’ll probably need to buy different socks with different fits to accommodate snow boots—but that’s all part of the fun.

Gloves—To the Elbow!

Elbow length gloves, especially if they’re fashionable (cashmere, anyone?), can be another great utility and statement piece hybrid. You’ll keep your arms warm and look fabulous at once.

Elbow Gloves


I adore this look—especially because it often makes me feel like I’m walking through New York in the 1950s, and I’ll wait for some strapping gentlemen in a suit to open a cabbie’s door for me and call me ‘miss.’ In all seriousness, these are great accessories because they can transform an outfit or make it winter-appropriate.

Sometimes you want to wear a top that doesn’t cover as much arm as you’d like, so elbow length gloves take care of the difference.

A Fashionable Watch

No matter what season you’re in, an accessory that can always tie an outfit together is a dashing timepiece.

The truth is that watches never go out of style, as they’re an incredible accessory that pairs, to a degree, with nearly every piece in a wardrobe. Your winter fashion is no different.

Consider reading some MVMT reviews to gain some perspective on the latest watch fashion, upcoming styles, and market trends.

The Winter Hat

The winter hat is an umbrella term for any hat that is applicable for colder temperatures. This could be anything from your thick-knit beanie to a fashionable trapper hat.

Winter Hat and Beanie

Essentially, whatever looks stylish and keeps your head warm during the colder seasons can fall under this category. Often, when looking for great winterwear, a thrift store can provide everything you want and more.

If there’s one near your house, peruse the aisles and see if you can’t find some authentic or vintage winter hats that’ll accessorize your winter wardrobe.

The Oversized Scarf

I try to mull over all my winter outfit ideas and then come up with a list of accessories I’ll need to complete them.

The oversized scarf always makes the list, being that it can function much like a loose top or a coat—and, if you buy the right kind, provide the same warmth.

They’re a great addition to your wardrobe because they’re convenient, trendy, and can be styled in various ways.

Identify What You Need

A great tactic to deploy when accessorizing your winter wardrobe begins with your overall inventory.

Take a look at the clothing items you own then decide what you need. If you already have gloves and socks and don’t need the essentials (I’m speaking about warmth here), then point your focus towards jewelry and other accessories.

If you don’t have the essentials, then a new statement necklace might not be your priority, while those elbow gloves we spoke about could become an everyday piece.

This tip is especially important if you’re sticking to a budget as it will help you better allocate the money you can put towards accessorizing your winter clothing.

Preparing for winter fashion isn’t always about the latest trench coat, boots, or winterwear. Sometimes, just a few accessories can transform the outfits you already have hanging in your closet; turning your winter wardrobe into a winter wonderland.

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