How to Access the New Custom Mixes on YouTube Music (YT Music)?

Posted on the 06 July 2020 by Saeed Ashif Ahmed @saeedashifahmed


How to access the new custom mixes on YouTube Music (YT Music)?

You can now add new mixes to your YouTube Music with different themes and personalized lists, which are updated weekly. The list is still not available in the YouTube music application, but you can add them to your account by following the links given below; read ahead!

How to access the new custom mixes on YouTube Music (YT Music)?

Day by day, Google is improving the YouTube Music platform in order to equate it with its Google Play Music app, which may get discontinued in the future. The transformation is already started; we can even migrate our list from Play Music to YouTube music, data, and songs in a very simple way! So now, it's time to enhance the music suggestion in the YT Music too with different automated lists, mixes that are already accessible even if they don't appear in the mobile app. Do you want to add them to your library?

Automated mixes for YT Music (YouTube Music)

Automated and custom mixes are a great way to discover music for users in streaming platforms. Spotify has a weekly list of discoveries. For example, every Monday, Spotify offers relevant music to the users based on their choice, music type, and genre, using AI, of course. You want the same on YT Music, isn't it? Me too! You can access the automated mixes; head over to the links provided below!

Google is remaking the YouTube Music recommendation section: this section will be available directly through the YT Music app and the web version soon. However, you can enable some of the recommendations right now in the YT Music app, all thanks to the Reddit user (lordbrack) to publish the links in the unofficial YouTube Music subreddit.

Links to mixes for YT Music

The discovery of 4 automated lists is given below, which gets refreshed every Monday. And the best part is that you can simply add them to your account by clicking the respective links below:

Chill Mix: "Relax and let the stress go. Every Monday, enjoy new songs chosen for you."

Workout Mix: "There will be no lack of motivation to train with the songs from this selection made especially for you. The playlist is updated every Monday."

Energy Mix: "Recharge your energy. Every Monday, enjoy new songs chosen for you.;"

Focus Mix: "Improve concentration with this playlist made, especially for you. The selection is updated every Monday to start the week with everything."

Custom mixes links for YT Music

Currently, none of the above mixes are available in the YT Music application. The only way to listen to them is by clicking the given links and then add the mixes to your library. Once you click on a link, your browser will redirect you to the login page. Just proceed ahead with your Google account that you use for YouTube music.

Once you save the list, the YT Music will be refreshed every week, taking your musical taste into account along with the theme of your choice. Of course, it has the limitation: custom mixes are only available for the premium users (YT Music Premium or YouTube Premium) at this moment. So, if you want them for free, you can download the YT Music MOD APK from this link!

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