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How the Western-Left Drives the Arab War Against the Jews in the Middle East

Posted on the 02 October 2015 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.

I have been engaging in an off-line conversation with a well-educated and intelligent non-Jewish friend of mine about the Long War against the Jews of the Middle East.
The link goes to a brief piece that I wrote five years ago wherein I outlined the phases of that war.
arjeh2Phase 1, 1920 - 1947: Riots and Massacres
Phase 2, November 1947 - April 1948: The Civil War in Palestine
Phase 3, 1948 - 1973: Conventional Warfare
Phase 4, 1964 - Present: The Terror War
Phase 5, 1975 - Present: The Delegitimization Effort
In our recent conversation I may have taken him aback somewhat.  He, in a perfectly reasonable manner, suggested that perhaps some outreach to the Bay Area Muslim community might be a helpful thing.
It might very well be, but this was the conclusion of my response:
Have you ever read the Hamas Charter?  You should give it a gander.  It calls quite specifically for the genocide of the Jews.
Have you read the Qu'ran?
What's really needed is for non-Jewish westerners to understand that the Jewish minority in the Middle East are not the aggressors in this situation.   
On the contrary.
There will never be peace until the western-left grasps this truth, because it is the western-left that is driving the conflict.
The sad fact is that the western-left - or western-progressives or "liberals" as the American Right wrongfully calls them - does, in fact, back the Long War against the Jews of the Middle East because it finances it and gives it moral legitimacy.
The western-right, correctly in my opinion, despises the movement for Palestinian Nationalism because they recognize it for what it is; a violently anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, anti-American, anti-democratic, misogynistic, homophobic, political movement with Islamist leanings that, in its earliest phases, supported the Nazis during World War II.
Today the western-left tells the world that Israel is a fascist, racist, imperialist state and, via the EU, the UN, and the government of the United States, funds Arab terrorist organizations - such as Hamas and Fatah - that seeks to drive Jews out of the very land that our ancestors have lived upon for well over three thousand years.
What I find most ironic, of course, is the fact that western-left Jewry has put itself into the very strange position of supporting their own enemies out of a moral imperative.
Who does this?
Outside of morally anguished Jewry, what people believe that they must support their enemies - who would see them dead - in order to maintain moral or ethical integrity?
This is what I have referred to as The Palestinian Colonization of the Jewish Mind.

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