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How Often Should Our Family Be Photographed (By A Mum and Photographer!)

By Lovegetssweeter @LoveGetsSweeter

What is the best age to capture for family photography and videography?

Honestly? They all have something amazing about them so I'll share a few key 'ages' for you to consider below.

It's worth considering 'milestones' along the way.

Which ones will excite you the most? Or maybe which ones will you feel most sad about knowing they're growing so fast...?

For some it's things like crawling, talking, first foods or first steps. For others the whole first year is important!

As a Mum I certainly wish I'd caught more of those 'firsts'...

Newborn (0-4 weeks)

How Often Should Our Family Be Photographed (By A Mum and Photographer!)

The common age for newborn photographs is within that 0-10 day window.

Especially if you're after the squishy, curled up newborn posed photography.

They're usually super sleepy so quite willing to chill through a studio or home shoot and get wrapped up in blankets.

A handy tip if you're having the photo shoot at home is to get the house nice and warm if you're after the naked photos too!

For those dreading leaving the house those first few weeks (and I don't blame you) a more relaxed, lifestyle and documentary style family photography and videography is a great option.

Another bonus for a home shoot is that the window for newborn photographs can be a little bigger (usually 0-6 weeks) as they're not relying on them being super sleepy to create poses, it's simply you and your new baby.

For video it's a lovely age to not only hear their gurgles and cute baby grunts but the lovely words you speak to them too.

Seeing those little hands and feet wriggle around is a personal favourite, especially knowing how fast that stage passes!

I'd suggest between 0-4 weeks and a couple of hours in your own home would give you a nice variety of sleepy cuddles, feeds and seeing those big newborn eyes you love to look in to.

It's a lot more relaxed and can mean less stress if someone was to become a little unsettled during the shoot (and I don't always mean baby haha).

Some families are more than happy with having the one professional photography shoot for the year and may consider another one for their birthday or before they start school, for example.

Though baby's first year is a really good opportunity to document all those changes that happen so fast!

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