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How Much Would You Pay To Own A Pair Of These LL Bean Red Sox Boots That Jonny Gomes Wore To The Parade?

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit


Via ESPNSteve Fuller, the chief marketing officer for L.L. Bean, responded to a tweet asking if the boots would go on sale: “We’ll never sell those exact boots,” he said. “But the red version will be available end of January. (Maine factory is swamped).” There were only about 60 pairs designed for the Red Sox and Fuller says he made a promise never to sell. 

So the real answer is zero since we are likely never see these available.  But if they became available, what’s the amount you’d be comfortable paying for these boots?  Minimum has to be like $500 right?  That’s where the bidding would start in my mind.  Like, if LL Bean decided they’d donate all the money spent on these boots to charity, they could sell them online for $500 and they’d sell out in five minutes.  I get a 3/4 chub just looking at the picture and imagining those things on my feet.  The real money would be made on Ebay though.  I can just see bidding getting crazy and someone putting $5,000 down and not even thinking twice.  It really is like having a piece of history.

60 pair of these on their way down to Fenway park. Hate to think of what I would have done if they had lost pic.twitter.com/WbrMCVycY7

— Steve Fuller (@flyingpoint) October 31, 2013

P.S. There’s gotta be some warehouse guy who’s got a pair sitting in box in a bag in his basement where he keeps shit he wants nobody to find.  He’s just going to wait a few years and then blast these joints out on Ebay and make bank.

P.P.S  And don’t bother trying to tell me the red ones that come out in January will be like the same thing.  Just that Red Sox/ Boston Strong logo alone gives me butterflies.  

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