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How I Love Beer, a Love Letter … “The Session” Feb. 2013

By Bryan Roth @bryandroth

hey girl

Hey girl, I can’t take my mind off of you. You never stray. Girl, you’re just standing there upright in my fridge, right where we last saw each other. Because girl, I work hard and I like knowing that when I want to cut loose, you’re there for me.

And girl, I like when I hold you in my hand and you get a little warm. Then, girl, a little bead of sweat runs down your curvacious bottle.

Oh girl, I love the sound you make when I open you up. That bubbling carbonation is beautiful when I pour you into my glass. Girl, I could stare into your crystal-clear body all day and drool over your ivory foam. But, girl, then we’d just be wasting time, you know?

20/20 beer goggles, girl.

20/20 beer goggles, girl.

Girl, you’re no Perfect 10. You’re a 20/20.

And girl, remember that time you met my parents? Don’t worry. Yeah, girl, they never were really into you and I don’t know why. But girl, I don’t care. I knew we were meant to be. Because, girl, you’re special, no matter how much my parents can’t stand how you taste.

Girl, remember that time we heard that song on the radio in the summer during that sudden storm and we got stuck in my car for like an hour? Yeah, girl, it was like magic. I love it how whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, you’re always changing to give me exactly what I need. I love when you’re light during those hot months and how you know it’s OK to put on a little extra malty weight when things get cold. You’re always right, girl.

But most of all, girl, when I blog, I blog about you, girl. I travel for you. I seek you out wherever I go. And girl, you’re always right where I want to find you.

You’re my lady, girl.

Brought to you by “The Session” #72. You can blame Ryan Newhouse from Montana Beer Finder for this depraved foray into “How I Love Beer.” For a more in-depth collection of reasons why/how I love beer, check out “Why I Love Beer.”

+Bryan Roth

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