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How Fast Can Women Drop 20 Pounds Of Belly Fat?

By Vicknesh @wellhealthblog
Women deal with belly fat especially after child birth or in obese cases. It is very common for fats to pile up around the belly and this can make it harder for them to look their best especially when it comes to wearing dresses. As such, it is common find most women looking for means by which they can lose the belly fat fast and bounce back into shape. Hormones can make it hard to reach the target and hence if what you have been doing hasn't worked at all to your advantage, it is time to look at what you can change.ExerciseExercise is without doubt the fastest way through which women can drop 20 pounds of belly fat. Most women will however stick to sit ups and crunches without much success in trimming the belly. If this has been your case, then it is time to go for other options which can include holding the body in plank position or the cat pose, a yoga-inspired exercise. This exercise involves going on all fours and arching the body like a cat thus working abdominal muscles. Inhale deeply when holding this position.You also need to get stronger with exercises. Hence, you can go for strength training which will help in building muscle mass, prevent muscle loss and at the same time help in fat loss. The best exercises include dead-lifts and squats. They work the muscles from the head all the way to the toes.Foods to Avoid
Women intending to lose belly fat ought to remember that there are foods which pack on the belly and they need to be avoided if they are to shed the fats fast. The foods that should be avoided include packaged foods, enriched flours and hydrogenated oils. Trans-fats are also not very good and should be avoided. They are found in packaged cookies, margarine, pastas and crackers and end up increasing the fats around the midsection. They also have a tendency of redistributing fats from other body parts to the belly area.Foods to Eat MoreJust as there are foods which make belly fat worse, there are foods which can help in burning it off. Monounsaturated fats are the way to go in this case and they are found in olive oil, nuts and seeds. Other foods which work great in burning the belly fats include green tea, whole grains and avocados. They are healthy sources of energy that you require every day and they will also fetch you a trimmer tummy. All meals should be balanced and healthy and lots of water should also be taken to ensure that all body functions run smoothly even as you try losing the extra fats.It is important to remember that different plans work differently for different people. As soon as you notice that the one you are using is not working, you should skip to plan B. There are lots of options for your weight loss desires.
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How to drop 20 pounds of belly fat

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