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How Do I Protect My Natural Hair in the Swimming Pool?

By Rockitnapptural @Rockitnapptural
How Do I Protect My Natural Hair in the Swimming Pool? This information is provided by Ishimma:
Summer is fast approaching, which not only means beach ready bodies, but also beach ready hair!  With chlorine and other chemicals in water, it’s advantageous to protect your hair to prevent damage from repeated swimming in the pool.
Consider the following tips when it comes to maintaining your beautiful tresses at the pool     

Saturate With Water

Before entering the pool, make sure the hair is saturated with water.  Having the hair wet fills and swells the strand so other, chlorinated water will be less likely to come in. (RIN's Side note: Ladies, you can also co-wash your hair before getting into the pool, which is what I do.)

Put In Some Oil

Add some oil, such as coconut oil or your favorite kind of oil to your hair, which seals in the moisture and protects from chlorine damage.

Conditioner Washing

After swimming, use a good conditioner to do a preliminary wash the hair (co-wash) and rinse well. Consider using deep conditioner after swimming as well to moisturize the hair well.

Strong Shampoo

You may also wash your hair with a swimmer’s shampoo or clarifying/chelating shampoo after the conditioner, can contain sulfates.  This helps get rid of the chlorine in the hair, especially if the shampoo has chelating agents that draw chlorine ions out of the hair.

Leave-In Conditioner

Once you’ve removed the wash out conditioner or the shampoo, you can also spray in some leave-in conditioner. You can still do a weekly wash with a clarifying or swimmer’s shampoo at home for extra precaution.


With all that moisture getting in your hair, you may want to consider balancing out your hair structure with some protein.  If your hair tolerates added protein, use a protein rinse or treatment to help your hair.

Choose Appropriate Styles

If you are able to, choose styles that will allow you to easily reach your hair to condition after the swimming pool.  This could be looser styles, large braided sections, etc.

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