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How Can Sons of Anarchy Teach Us A Secret About Fitness Training?

By Sbc12 @strongbychoice


Did you know that you can learn from anything and apply to your fitness goals?

Take for example, the blockbuster hit show “Sons of Anarchy.”  Here is a show about an outlaw motorcycle gang that works together to protect the fictional town of Charming, California.  They treat each other like family.  They support each other. Even discipline each other. 

Do you see the take-away and how we can apply this to fitness?

You can decide to be an island to yourself and think you can do your fitness goals by yourself.

Hate to burst your bubble. 

You can’t. 

You need a support group (affectionately called “Fit Fam”) to lift you up when you are down, encourage you, and push you to be better. 

Only then can you realize true greatness and in the end give back to those who helped you.

One of the secrets to fitness training is…synergy.

So tell me.

What Fit Fam do you have in place?

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