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How About a Free Ebook to Kick off Your Thanksgiving Weekend? A Dragon Among the Eagles.

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
How about a free ebook to kick off your Thanksgiving weekend? A Dragon among the Eagles.
At the peak of Rome's might a dragon is born among eagles, an heir to a line both blessed and cursed by the Gods for ages. In A.D. 197, Emperor Septimius Severus led one of the largest invasion forces in Rome’s history against the Parthian Empire. Among the men of thirty-three legions is Lucius Metellus Anguis, a young man from an ancient Equestrian family. Against the wishes of his conservative father, Lucius is determined to pursue a career in the military and resurrect the glory of his family name on the battlefield rather than the marble of the Senate. However, as in all conflicts, Lucius’ ideals and his faith are challenged as he witnesses the worst in humanity. As the imperial legions fight their way through Mesopotamia to the Parthian capital of Ctesiphon, Lucius discovers the inner strength that may well ensure that this young dragon rises from the ranks of Rome’s eagles. Can a man survive the trials of war unscathed? Do the Gods indeed favor the bold?
This sounds very interesting. You don't come across a lot of historical novels set in the 2nd Century.
Download it by following this link: Free Books Hub Link

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