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House with The Lions Antiques in Covington, Indiana

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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House with The Lions Antiques: Covington, Indiana Exterior

House with The Lions Antiques: Covington, Indiana Exterior

This Covington, Indiana antique shop, House with the Lions Antiques, has been a part of the lovely downtown since 1973!

That’s the little Indiana way of saying that this Fountain County place is packed with fun, fun, FUN things to look through and admire.

Covington, Indiana: House with The Lions Antiques

When we stepped inside, well, it had me at “hello.” Right there on the counter was a framed poem titled: Old Hoosier State with the author initials A.S. I wish it had been for sale! If anyone else knows of something like that it in a small Indiana town, I so need it.

Behind the counter lie all sorts of vintage kitcheny things from spices to old packages of oats and a few other random objects thrown in. I just love the art on those old packages. So neat!

As we went deeper into the Indiana antique shop, it just got better and better. A whole room of hardware! Old doorknobs and hinges and lighting in small boxes in one place? Awesome.

What lovely furniture! Solid and made to last. What a great assortment of dining room tables and chairs. There was also a second floor but at the time of this writing it was closed off.

Indiana Antique Shop

House with The Lions Antiques: Covington, Indiana Glass Doorknobs

House with The Lions Antiques: Covington, Indiana Glass Doorknobs

But the best part of all was when Kid #1 told me that they had already been down in the basement. The basement? What? Where?

He led the way. Open the gate, pull it shut, and lock it behind you. While it doesn’t make for a speedy exit, it does keep folks from falling I suppose, because this basement? Gave me the creeps!

I mean, don’t get me wrong–it was really cool. If I didn’t already know it was an old building by looking at the outside, it would be obvious after a quick look down here. There are chairs, chairs, and more chairs mixed in with a fireplace mantle or two.

It was awesome. The chairs were all lined up and in various styles and colors–and condition. It was really neat! But…also a little spooky. Okay, a lot spooky.

When Kid #1 decided he was done keeping me company, he went back up and left me there alone! I didn’t waste any time. I about ran for the stairs and made a mental note to stop watching so many horror movies.

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House with The Lions Antiques: Covington, Indiana

House with The Lions Antiques: Covington, Indiana

House with The Lions Antiques is very well-rounded. From the wall of stuffed animal heads to the furniture like desks, tables, and chairs, to the books and more delicate items, like teacups and glasses, this is one Indiana town shop you will certainly want to visit.

Just don’t venture into the basement alone.

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House with The Lions Antiques
304 4th Street
Covington, Indiana 47932

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