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Horlicks Growth+ Unboxing at #CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet Delhi

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Horlicks Growth+ Unboxing at #CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet Delhi Every blogger has a right to grow. It is the birthright of a blogger to grow vertically and horizontally. This is not in the context of the physical growth of a blogger. I am talking about the organic growth of your (and my of course) blog in terms of outreach, likings, visitors, unique visitors, comments, love, affection, pampering, and all such factors that help in the growth of a blog. The unboxing event of Horlicks Growth+ #CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet at New Delhi was perhaps ideally an ideal event to understand a development in the field of nutrition sciences (and we were the first in the country to witness the launch and unveiling, unboxing) with the launch of this new product from GSK group.
Horlicks Growth+ Unboxing at #CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet DelhiHorlicks Growth+ Unboxing at #CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet DelhiHorlicks Growth+ Unboxing at #CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet DelhiHorlicks Growth+ Unboxing at #CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet DelhiHorlicks Growth+ Unboxing at #CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet Delhi
This new product. Horlicks Growth+, promises to offer advanced nutrition for growth and development to children during their crucial years of growth i.e. 3 to 9. Unlike blogger having no age limit for growth of his or her blog (neither blogger's or blog's) here it matters a lot when we talk of physical growth of a child, and it is seriously important to understand it irrespective of whether you have a kid in that slab of 3 to 9 years of age. If you have crossed this age and have already achieved other milestones beyond 9 years of age, you must have felt for yourself, or your peers around, when you were in this age slab, who were short in height, or lacking weight as per standard norms, you would wonder if the product was launched during that duration and you would definitely have helped those in need of this.
Horlicks Growth+ Unboxing at #CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet Delhi
Well, if you kids in this range, do look around, and watch if they are in need of these critical constituents required for proper growth, then start using it. Use only if the regular diet is not able to fulfill the need because as the experts there confirmed a supplement is a supplement and can never compete with the original. Supplement only becomes handy if the regular and normal diet is lacking in these nutrients helpful for growth or for some other reasons. And do look around for the peers, schoolmates, friends of your kids for the same to help them in time. Because once they cross 9, these efforts will go waste and probably will haunt lifelong.;postID=6323102008548772828
And if you are yet to be parents, it is still more important to learn the importance of products like Horlicks Growth+ that are unique, specific to the need, and promise to work as per the research and lab tests. Now there is another category left where you might be in the group of Narendra Modi, Mamta Banerjee, Khushwant Singh, Amrita Pritam, Jayalalitha, Anandiben, Rahul Gandhi, who intentionally decided not to marry or have not been able to get the right kind of match, you still must learn about this product to help your friends, family, and society. It is very important to learn about importance of right growth and catching up on lost growth. Both are time constrained to act upon. Once the time is gone, it is just the repentance that is left.
Horlicks Growth+ Unboxing at #CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet Delhi
GSK Consumer Healthcare has already a very popular health food drink Horlicks in the market that is quite popular among parents and kids. The efforts, research and laboratory tests have gone a step ahead in the extension of this product into an advanced nutrition category with the launch of Horlicks Growth+. The product is a leading edge nutrition solution formulated with the help of global pediatric experts that contains specific nutrients in precise proportions to enhance growth in children who tend to fall behind on the growth curve in terms of height and weight.
All 3-9-year-old children who are shorter or leaner for their age are best suited to start Horlicks Growth+ immediately, obviously, under the consulting guidance of a doctor or an approved nutritionist. Horlicks Growth+ consists of superior quality protein, minerals from natural sources, and growth amino acids & vitamins. It is available in 2 most-in-demand flavors – Vanilla and Chocolate. The product has been launched after a proven and stringent clinical trial that earmarks it the first brand in the category clinically proven to help in gaining weight and height in children aged 3-9. The results are claimed to be visible within 6 months of its regular usage. Horlicks Growth+ is available on leading ecommerce.
The panel discussion was quite enlightening and thoughtprovoking that was moderated by Natasha Badhwar who is a known media professional, entrepreneur, blogger and above all a mother of three. The panelists included Dr. Rajiv Chhabra, Ms Satinder Kaur Walia, and Dr. Jyoti Arora. Dr. Rajiv is Head of Paediatrics department at Artemis Hospital. During his professional 17-year tenure, he has worked with Max Hospital, St. Mary's Hospital, Seth GS Medical College, and Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Center after completing his MBBS from Rajasthan University and his MD from Mumbai University. Dr. Chhabra has also done his post-graduate program in Paediatrics Nutrition from Boston University, USA.
Ms. Satinder Kaur Walia has over a decade of experience in working with individuals with disabilities at a global level. She did Masters in Psychology with a specialization in School Psychology at the University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA. She is running Learning at Potential center for psychological and educational assessment.
Dr. Jyoti Arora is working as Head Dietician at Batra Hospital. She has over 15 years of experience during which she has worked with Artemis, Fortis, Max, and Paras Hospitals. She conducts training and is part of several research projects.
Horlicks Growth+ Unboxing at #CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet Delhi
Amaan Khan, Marketing Lead for Horlicks for the Indian sub-continent, GSK Consumer Healthcare launched the product after an introduction of Horlicks Growth+. Dr. Aditya Kaushik, Head Medical Affairs for Indian Subcontinent, GSK Consumer Healthcare described the product details, laboratory tests, extensive research work done, and clinical experiences.
Horlicks Growth+ Unboxing at #CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet Delhi
This is probably the first of its kind of advanced nutrition health food drink (HFD) launched in India. As guided by the panelists, it is always good to provide and healthy natural food to have a healthy growth of the child. The good habits of healthy food inculcated in kids right in the beginning helps a lot in their natural growth. But in case if the train is missed by any chance, then Horlicks Growth+ proves helpful to the children who have fallen behind their natural & healthy growth. The product works wonder during 3-9 years of age. Parents have to act smartly and wisely to make their kids learn the importance of healthy diet and its criticality in their natural growth. At times, they have to go creative and innovative in this regard. An important point to note is that Horlicks Growth+ is a nutrition supplement and not a meal substitute or replacement. Horlicks Growth+ constitutes important nutrients, minerals, vitamins and proteins to provide additional nutrition required for the growth of a child. These constituents include Whey Protein, important amino acids, Calcium, Vitamins (A, D, & C), Iron, and Zinc that are key components for growth of height and weight.
Horlicks Growth+ Unboxing at #CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet Delhi
Overall, May 15th has been an interesting day organized by IndiBlogger in Delhi. It was full of fun, knowledge, amusement, sharing, and learning. It is evident that once the growth period of a child is over, that is when he or she crosses 9 years of age, and there has been a substantial shortfall in the growth during that period, it haunts and pains not only the child but the whole family. And not only this, it brings a sense of guilt, insecurity, lack of confidence, and a lot more similar kind of feelings that remain there throughout the life. That brings forwards the prime importance of such unique and critical yet important supplement growth products like this.

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