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Hoppy and Ruben: Affairs of the Heart

By Tangocherie
Hoppy and Ruben: Affairs of the Heart
As anyone who knows Ruben knows, he has a happy personality--not the sad, nostalgic, "she done me wrong" mood of the tango, or your typical Argentine. He finds joy in dancing, perhaps where others find release from sadness. Whatever. It's not important why someone is drawn to the tango.
But I had the strangest thought last week. Somehow in conversation I remembered my crush on cowboy star Hopalong Cassidy when I was a teeny weeny child, like 6 or so. I remember well being smitten by his all black attire sitting on his white horse, Topper, his white hair under the black hat, and his laugh, his fabulous, joyous, hearty laugh.
I mean, I really remember being "in love" with his image on our little black and white TV. He was my first love; my more serious affair of the heart was when I was 7 and really and truly in love with Gene Kelly. No kidding, folks, you can laugh, but I remember. Never put down the emotions of children. Puppy love is a whim of the adults.
Hoppy and Ruben: Affairs of the Heart
So last week when chatting with a student, it occurred to me that Ruben has a resemblance to Hoppy. Can you see it? Or am I plain nuts? Or am I crazy even to think it makes any difference what someone looks like after a gadzillion years. It's sort of like the psychologists who say you either fall in love with someone who reminds you of your father or is exactly the opposite.
Ruben looks nothing like my father. But somehow, he reminds me of Hoppy.
Hoppy and Ruben: Affairs of the Heart
I never knew that Hoppy (Bill Boyd) made a successful visit to Buenos Aires in the early 50s, where he also was idolized as the cowboy hero of radio, film, TV, and the comics. His words to Clarin on arrival: "Estoy moi contentou de haberr arivado a esta yenerosa y hospitaleira Aryentina".
Viva Hoppy!!!

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