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Homotopy Type Theory in Logic, Metaphysics and Philosophy of Physics: Bristol, 13-15 September 2016

By Wuthrich

University of Bristol
13-15 September 2016

Homotopy Type Theory is a new foundational programme in mathematics that is radically different from standard set-theoretic foundations, both because it uses constructive rather than classical logic, and because it is intensional rather than extensional in character.

This will be the closing conference of the Leverhulme Trust project Applying Homotopy Type Theory in Logic, Metaphysics, and Philosophy of Physics.

See the conference webpage for a full list of speakers and discussants.

Please email Giulia Terzian in order to register for the conference. Attendance will be free, but as there is a limited number of places we ask that you register no later than August 15th.

Local organizers/points of contact
James Ladyman
Stuart Presnell
Giulia Terzian

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