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Hommage to Aldo Crommelynck at Sotheby's: Stuff You've Never Seen and Probably Will Never See Again.

By Johntalbott

Jan2013 021People (knowing I love art shows) are forever asking "Have you seen the Dali, the Hopper, the Titian, ah, you name it?" and at my age I feel like asking you mean the one at the Moma in 1953 or Albright-Knox in 1961 or Mellon (that's what we old guys call it) in 1990?  No, the one at the Grand Palais/Pompidou/whatever now.

So to see a private collection of a guy, one Aldo Crommelynck, who actually knew Picasso etc. and painted with him/them and collected stuff never seen, is a treat.  This has Picasso's, Hockney's and Jim Dine's early stuff of which I was brought back to earth with.

3 Wows!  Only regret - M. Crommelynck abandoned making and collecting art in the 1990s to devote himself to "tree-cultivation."  Oy veh.  Only problem - sale is 25 February.  Run.


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