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Homeland Finale (Spoilers Included) & Survivor

Posted on the 21 December 2015 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

Homeland Finale (Spoilers included) & Survivor
THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler starred in The First Wives Club many years ago. 

FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Dave DeSocio, Melissa Sherman, Alyssa Leifer & Evan Schweitzer


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5 Big Bang Theory-CBS 4.1/17.2
Life in Pieces-CBS 2.2/10.2
Mom-CBS 1.8/8.9
2 Broke Girls-CBS 1.6/6.9
Barbara Walters-ABC 1.0/6.2
Thursday's Cable Top 5
Thursday Night Football-NFL Network 2.0/5.9
NBA-TNT .9/2.4
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/1.8
Big Bang Theory-TBS .8/1.8
WWE-Syfy .6/2.3
Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings WWE Smackdown-Syfy 40,000 Tweets
At Midnight with Chris Hardwick-Comedy Central-24,000 Tweets
Big Bang Theory-CBS 16,000 Tweets
Running Wild with Bear Grylls-NBC 10,000 Tweets
Conan-TBS 6,000 Tweets
Friday's Broadcast Top 5

Dateline-NBC 1.1/5.6
Masterchef Junior-FOX 1.1/3.9
Frosty the Snowman-CBS .9/4.3
Blue Bloods-CBS .8/6.6
Shark Tank-ABC .8/3.7
Friday's Cable Top 5 NA
Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings Billboard Women in Music-Lifetime 48,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 7,000 Tweets
The Soup-E! 5,000 Tweets
The Knick-Cinemax 3,000 Tweets
A Football Life-NFL Network 1,000 Tweets
THE SHOWS Survivor By now, it's old news, and even though it was 5 days ago, and we all know that Jeremy beat out Spencer for the million bucks, I needed to review. If you are a fan of Survivor, (and honestly, if you're not, you really are missing something) you have to admit, that the final episode of Season 31 was probably one of the best episodes in the history of the series. The usage of the the idols was brilliant, Jeremy's speech was brilliant, it was a million dollar speech and it won him the game. Personally, I think Spencer played a better game than Jeremy, but Jeremy tugged on everyone's heartstrings with the right words at the right time. He played the game until the bitter end and he played it and his tribemates perfectly. I know I say it time and time again, but Jeff Probst is AMAZING at what he does and the fact that Survivor has stayed interesting and fresh after 15 years is a testament to Probst and Mark Burnett. As if things couldn't get any better for me, Caleb from Big Brother will be playing in Season 32. I can't wait to see him shirtless for 13 weeks. They are going back to Beauty, Brains & Braun for the upcoming season. In my opinion, Caleb should be on the Beauty tribe but he's actually playing for Braun. Who cares what team he's on? Love that guy and his crazy abs. 
Homeland Finale
Pretty funny that the finale of Homeland started OFF with Carrie saving the world and ended up with Carrie on the fence on whether or not to save or kill Quinn. I guess either option could be considered a save, right? I need Quinn to live. I think Saul, Dar and I know that if Quinn lives, Carrie comes back to the CIA. If he dies, she goes home to Mommy and Me classes and days of pushing Frannie on a swing in the park thinking about terrorists? It's amazing to me that Carrie doesn't have a bigger ego than she does. So many guys want her so badly in one way or another, even with the bipolar thing. I liked Yonis, but he couldn't take being afraid all the time. I mean sure it would be cool to have a wife who could shoot and kill on the spot, but not a great quality around the playground or at a dinner party really. So glad Saul got his balls back and killed that freakazoid Allison. I couldn't stand her. So, did Otto want Carrie to marry him? I wasn't clear, I think that's what he wanted her to consider doing. I guess I am coming back for next season. Hoping Quinn is too. If he's gone, I may be after the first episode. We'll have to wait and see. 

-LL Cool J will be back to host The Grammy Awards on February 15th. This will be his 5th time hosting. If he was on SNL that many times, I think he'd get a membership card and a smoking jacket. I wonder what the Grammy's gives him. I like the idea of a Grammy's smoking jacket  (maybe with secret pockets inside to hide the stuff rock stars smoke?) and maybe some cool Grammy's bling to wear. How about a giant diamond encrusted #5 or something?
-I never hear anyone talk about The Librarians, Murder in the First or Major Crimes or any of the TNT primetime shows. I gave Public Morals a shot, but didn't really dig it. TNT renewed the first three but cancelled Public Morals, Legends and Agent X. I really REALLY want Kevin Reilly to succeed and get TNT on the same playing field as  FX, AMC and Starz. I feel like he's CLOSE, but he needs something SUPER juicy. I think he needs me to read some scripts for him. I'll have to Tweet him and let him know I'm available over the holidays if he needs me.
-If you've been looking forward to the 2nd Season of American Crime on ABC, and I'm not sure anyone actually is, but if you are, you can check out the premiere for free right now on iTunes. The show doesn't launch on ABC until 1/6, but if you REALLLY need to watch it…now's your chance. Also available on the ABC Family app and Hulu is the first 3 episodes of their new show, Recovery Road. This show doesn't premiere until 1/26 so  you can really get a jump on it early if you have time during the break.
-Interesting choice for the new Fashion Policeperson. If you recall, Kelly Osbourne left, Kathy Griffin left and now we  have Margaret Cho giving it a shot. Not sure what her qualifications are. In fact, I think she's usually one of the worst dressed celebs on the Red Carpet. Actually, she's hardly ever on a red carpet. Now, she's going to rip apart everyone else. Okay…whatever, E!  The new season starts on 1/11 after The Golden Globes.
-Amazon renewed Man in the High Castle, Hand of God and Red Oaks. I haven't watched Man in the High Castle yet and I have no intention on watching Hand of God. I did watch Red Oaks and I enjoyed it but I didn't think it needed a 2nd season. It ended perfectly. Why not just let it be? Not EVERY show has to be more than one season. Some stories are one and done and Red Oaks was one of these examples. 

-Hulu cancelled the Seth Meyers show The Awesomes after 3 seasons. You know I don't do animation ever, so I could care less.  I do love Seth, I'm sure he's okay though. 

-Over my mini break-before-the-break, Jimmy Kimmel posted another round of Celebrity Mean Tweets. They're always fun. Check out the 9th edition here:
-Since after shows seems to be the new trend, The Bachelor is kicking off the season with a live after show that will premiere right after the premiere of The Bachelor on 1/4. I was considering watching it this season for the first time ever. Do a lot of you guys watch The Bachelor? Let me know before I make my final decision. UnReal has me intrigued now. 
Monday's Trivia Question: Adam Driver is hosting Saturday Night Live on 1/16 which I'm predicting will be a disaster. Have you heard him on any of the talk shows? HORRIBLE INTERVIEW! Anyway, name his Star Wars character and/or his Girls character.
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