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Holy Heat!!! 103 Yesterday and 107 Today. If We Reach 108...

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Holy heat!!! 103 yesterday and 107 today. If we reach 108 it will be a record. Who keeps these records anyway?
What have I been up to the last week you ask......... we finally decided to try and go viral with my photographs. Seems a I have a small fan club. :) Check us out on FB. Here is my mission:
  Dragonfly Photography is a small family owned business that specializes in photographing children with emotional and mental disorders that do not feel comfortable or relaxed in a regular photography studio. I will photograph at any location of your choice (home, park, school, ect.) in a friendly, patient and relaxed atmosphere. Children with emotional and mental disorders feel more comfortable in their own environment, like a dragonfly.
   Although photographing children is where I find the most joy I also photograph weddings, family, senior photos, engagement and any special event such as graduations, birthday parties or anniversary celebrations. Enjoy your special event and know that you will have the fabulous memories captured without the stress of missing that "perfect shot" yourself.
   Our prices are extremely affordable. No return visits to pick out your portraits and no sitting fee cost. We simply charge by location/hourly. You are guaranteed many wonderful shots on a copyright free c.d. that you will be able to post or print as you see fit. We simply ask when printing, displaying and posting our photographs that you give credit to Dragonfly Photography.
   Pricing is simple. $75.00 for one location (clothing changes are allowed and encouraged for the best shots to be revealed) and up to one hour of photographing. $100.00 for two location and two hours of photographing. $150.00 for special events such as weddings. This price includes the ceremony and reception as well as photos of the wedding party members.  Please take into consideration that prices may vary slightly if my travel time and fuel exceeds a reasonable amount. If you have several locations in mind for sessions such as senior photographs, please contact me with your ideas and we will work out a reasonable fee.
   If you have a special needs child there is NO set time limit. I will stay and work patiently with your child until I feel I have enough photographs to present you with an excellent c.d. of captured moments.
***If you have a special needs child and cannot afford our fee due to medical expenses please contact me. I will gladly donate my time and services to give you wonderful photographs of your precious little one.***Hunt us up on FB and "like" us. I really want parents to see the have options.Tonight I will be photographing graduation at Daymar in Scottsville, KY. Congrats to all the graduates and a speical pat on the back to Ms. Lacy Houchens who graduated and already has great job offers. You got what it takes darlin'. Ambition to want more. We are very proud of you.

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