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By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Summer is very closely related to skin related problems.  If I talk about myself, in summer my consumption of shampoo, body wash, face wash, etc. automatically increases. And for oils, body lotions, face cream etc decreases. Is it the same with you?  The direct reason for this is sweat.  If there is excessive sweating, then the skin will attract more dust due to it being sticky.  The accumulation of more dust on the skin means more germs getting produced.  And because of them, all the skin related diseases occur.  Sometimes, if not attended to, well in time, it goes very serious.  That is why it is important to take extra care of the skin in summer.  And for that it is necessary to have the necessary knowledge.  For this knowledge, it becomes necessary for everyone to read 'HOLA SUMMER Your go-to summer skincare guide by Sindhu Vinod Narayan'.

HOLA SUMMER by @thatmadrasmom #bookreview #bookchatter #tbrchallenge @blogchatter #PebbleInWatersWrites

In this less than 30-page book, every page contains a lot of important information related to skin, skin care, and its health. It definitely has a lot of important information hidden in it. This is an e-book, by the way.  Its author has done a lot of research to write this and added to it comes her invaluable experience that is bundled in this fabulous e-book.  Despite its less number of pages, it will prove to be your inexhaustible helper every summer, I believe. Like, it is for me. It's good for a quick reference when in need of any skin related first hand information.  Yes, you must be aware that in summer, or by the way, in every season, it becomes more important to keep the skin healthy and hydrated.  If it done well so, the risk of skin related diseases goes very less.

'HOLA SUMMER Your go-to summer skincare guide by Sindhu Vinod Narayan' is indeed a beautiful gift for you from its author.  I am giving you the link to download it at the end of this post.  The good thing is that this book not only informs about the diseases and problems of the skin, but also explains the reason for the occurrence of each and every problem and disease and also tells the ways to avoid and recover from them.  These troubles seem small in the beginning, but if any of them worsens, then it takes a terrible form, from which it becomes impossible to get rid of it.  And many times, one has to make rounds and rounds of hospitals for years and years.

'HOLA SUMMER Your go-to summer skincare guide by Sindhu Vinod Narayan' explains almost all skin related ailments like acne, prickly heat, sunburn, dry skin, and body odour.  They occur due to what reasons, how to avoid them, and what is their treatment, if you read this book, then everything will be known. In this book 'HOLA SUMMER Your go-to summer skincare by Sindhu Vinod Narayan', one also gets to know what to eat in summers, what to wear, and what all to do to protect yourself from heat stress and keep your skin away from every difficulty and problem.  This fabulous guide by Sindhu Vinod Narayan is very important to read.

You can download this book here for free.

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