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Hobby Lobby’s Employees Will Have To Fashion Their Birth Control Out Of Modge Podge And Doilies

By Guerrillamom @mariaguido
Hobby Lobby – famous purveyor of worthless crap – doesn’t want to pay for its employees birth control. They are a religious company and they are very offended by emergency contraceptives and also IUD’s. My eyes are rolling so far back in my head right now it’s going to be hard to finish this article.Their case has actually gone to the U.S. Supreme Court where it is under review today. Hobby Lobby said that it would have to pay more than $1 million a day in fines if it violates the Affordable Care Act as written. Well I have an idea! Don’t violate it.The Affordable Care Act states that companies need to provide health care that covers all forms of contraception at no cost. But the owners of Hobby Lobby filed a lawsuit and said that this conflicts with their religious beliefs. When did it start being okay for companies to have “religious beliefs?” Companies are not people. Does Hobby-Lobby also have a personality and interests? Does anyone else see how ridiculous this is?
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