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Hiss Back in the Limelight with Forensic Opinion on Death of Terrorist

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Professor Yehuda Hiss, former director of the Institute of Pathology of Abu Kabir, has said something that many people are happy to hear. Hiss said, and will testify to in court, that the bullet shot by Elor Azaria did not kill the terrorist, but he was already dead from the previous shooting.
Hiss back in the limelight with forensic opinion on death of terroristIf Hiss is correct and the court accepts his testimony, this would get the case Azaria dismissed, though perhaps new, lighter, charges would be brought against him.
source: Israel Hayom
II don't know what Hiss is basing his testimony on as he admits to not having examined the body itself. Perhaps he had access to the records and that was enough for him to make such a determination.
Either way, while Hiss's conclusion surely makes many happy and gives them hope and optimism, I am not sure how to approach this. Hiss was disgraced, and at the heart of controversy, multiple times in his long career at Abu Kabir, including the incidents that were the cause of him eventually being fired from his post. The religious community in particular always had a beef with Hiss, considering his style and his anti-religious bent..
So, do we accept what Hiss has to say, and celebrate it, now because it is in line with what we want to hear, or do we say Hiss must have something up his sleeve and while Azaria's legal team will use him for their needs, the public need not celebrate Hiss's involvement?
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