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Hillel Lerman - There Are No Fools: Book Review – Everyone is Unique

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

There Are No Fools: Why We End Up Just Where We Would by Hillel Lerman revolves around the difference in opinion among three persons – Ted and Jimmy, who are just completing their Law studies at the Georgetown University School of Law. It is about what we are capable to become with the help of resources around and what we actually become because of our own self. There is a small argument between Ted and Jimmy at the moment they are about to leave for their respective homes after completing their studies, that becomes the foundation of this story. The whole concept throughout revolves around this argument.

Hillel Lerman has presented There are no fools in a fantastic manner

There Are No Fools by Hillel Lerman – Book Review – Everyone is Unique
There Are No Fools: Why We End Up Just Where We Would by Hillel Lerman is a motivational story that can be kept in the library in self-help section. The story is quite interesting. While Jimmy claims that he would become a U.S. senator within few years because of the reach and potential of his father being a reputed lawyer who would use all his influence to get his son elected. While Jimmy is so confident about his rosy future, Ted challenges him what he is dreaming of would never be a reality because Jimmy is not the senator type. At the same time, while this argument was taking place, Professor Carter was passing by who is stopped by the two young chaps asking if there is really such a thing as a “senator type” and his opinion on Jimmy's dream and ambition. Carter gives entirely an out-of-box reply that is beyond expectation of the two boys.

Hillel Lerman created a fantastic motivational story in There Are No Fools

I loved the way the story has been presented and the way the things have been put beyond such a thing as “senator type”. Overall it is a book to read to get a good amount of motivation irrespective of whatever trade or job you are in. I would rate There Are No Fools: Why We End Up Just Where We Would by Hillel Lerman 4 on a scale of 5.

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