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Hiking the Watkins Glenn Gorge with Ranger Outfitters #FLX

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

To me there is something mystical about taking a simple walk in the woods. No matter where you are in the world, the moment you step out on the trail, you are immediately transported to a different universe. All your “civilized” problems seem to melt away and are instead replaced with an appreciation for the simple beauty of the world around you. It’s a great way to clear the mind and it’s also cathartic for the soul. While in the Finger Lakes Region of NY, we found out that the Watkins Glenn Gorge was the perfect place to get out and unwind.

Watkins Glenn Gorge hike with Ranger Outfitters

We had the chance to hike the Watkins Glenn Gorge with an expert guide named Chris from Ranger Outfitters. While we could have hiked this trail on our own, having someone on the trail with us that was familiar with the area, gave us the opportunity to really lose ourselves in our surroundings without having to worry about where we were going or the possibility of missing out on something.

Watkins Glenn Gorge-1

Our trip began at the top of the gorge as we made our way towards the river. We almost immediately went from a clear wide trail, into the tighter and more dense brush that I prefer. It was early spring when we made the trip, so the forest was just waking from it’s winter slumber.

Watkins Glenn Gorge-12

The path to the river was at a relaxing clip, and allowed us to take in the simple beauty of our surroundings.

Watkins Glenn Gorge-2

Watkins Glenn Gorge-14

Soon though, we began to hear the sounds of rushing waters. We were hearing the river rush over one of the many waterfalls that have formed as the gorge cut it’s way into the rock. After a few more minutes, we came to a small clearing and were finally able to see the source of the sound. It was beautiful.

Waterfall in Watkins Glenn Gorge

Watkins Glenn Gorge-8

In the Summer, you can hike down to the bottom of the gorge and follow the river. At the time of our visit, the pathway was closed due to the remaining traces of winter leaving an icy and unsafe path. We chose to continue along the gorge’s ridge line, and were rewarded with more great views and sights.

Watkins Glenn Gorge-16

Watkins Glenn Gorge-13

Watkins Glenn Gorge-7

One of my favorite spots along the trail we hiked, was the point where the railroad crosses over the gorge.

Watkins Glenn Gorge-10

Watkins Glenn Gorge-11

After this point, we continued on a downward slope and eventually came out to a flat area, where we were once again level with the river.

Watkins Glenn Gorge-5

Watkins Glenn Gorge-6

Watkins Glenn Gorge-4

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