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Highlights & Lowlights of the Week (nothing to Do with Hair)

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Another week of Ironman training has come and gone. I have a love/hate relationship with training. In fact, I have a love/hate relationship with many things. Does that make me weird? Here’s what I mean – I love the training for the most part, then I get really bitchy when I feel rushed and tired all the time. Just like I love to run, but then running is hard and I suffer.

This week I traveled 142.14 miles as I swam, biked and ran. It took me about 13 hours. I did not do it all at once, and I don’t recommend that anyway except when I am doing the actual Ironman. 9 total workouts – 3 swims, 3 bikes, 3 runs. I like to keep it equal and not play favorites.


Highlights of the Week (HOTW):

  • Got a 5K PR at a local race: 22:56 (7:14 average, which for me is ridiculously fast and I almost threw up, which I think shows my grit).
  • Rode for 80 miles on my bike (most of the Ironman Boulder course). I was alone for half of it in the rain and wind, but I did not cry.
  • Stocked my pantry (btw, you can find GREAT deals at with free two day shipping).


  • Played soccer with Heidi (do not even pretend you don’t recognize her from Air Bud, the movie)


  • Watched Emma’s choir perform (love this song)

  • Went to Costco and got a vat of kettle corn (I am showing you the Grey Goose so you have an idea of how big the bag is)


  • Found a new favorite song (and, not just because it has the “run” in it)

  • Got a Mother’s Day basket from Ken (alcohol + candy = happiness)



Lowlights of the Week (LOTW):

  • Almost got eaten by a mountain lion two days before Mother’s Day. Well, I don’t want to embellish – but this was scary. Joie and I were about 4 miles into our trail run. It was very remote and nobody else was out there. We saw on the trail where it look like a deer had been dragged through the grass and over the trail. It had happened in the recent past – we could tell by the mud. I took this to mean that Mr. Lion was nearby and might want to eat me.


  • Realized how freaking hard the Boulder Ironman course is, well at least the bike part. However, I guess the words “hard” and “Ironman” go together no matter what course it is. Easy Ironman? <oxymoron, you moron. (Oh, and by the looks of this, the course is just shy of 113 miles – WTF?)


  • Found a dead mouse in the garage, which means his friends and family are probably living in my bed or something. I did CPR, but to no avail.


  • Realized I had $14 in library fines. True story.
  • Realized the roof is still leaking and Sam needs his wisdom teeth out. Ka-ching!! Children and houses are money pits. But, I still love them.



Give me a highlight and lowlight. Feel free to include First World problems.

Ever had a mouse/insect problem in your house? When we first moved into our house over 10 years ago, we found out there were bees living in the roof and walls. Had to have real live bee keeper people come in and cut holes in the ceiling to remove hundreds of pounds of honey comb. Ka-ching!

What’s the last best thing you bought at Costco? I am really excited about the kettle corn, but also this new fresh veggie stir fry kit you find in the refrigerated produce section.

Highlights & Lowlights of the Week (nothing to do with hair)


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