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High Priest of the Church of Free Planet?

Posted on the 03 September 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
High Priest of the Church of Free Planet?"High Priest of the Church of Free Planet," is that any less spectacular an invented monicker than Dinosaur Cradler (God, I love this image)?
Imagine that, High Priest of the Church of Free Planet.
And why should one? Well, I've mentioned this before in the post Mike, is free planet your new religion? And while I'm still not sure I can answer the question, it's been plaguing me of late. I walk around the town of Oxford looking at the sheople, dashing from shift to shift in jobs they hate or maniacally touristing the town like their silly lives depended on it and this one question drills through my flesh, to the core of my being.
"What can you teach these people?"
I realize it's a lost cause, seriously, but I'll have to share my thoughts with you again.
For example, what does a priest do with his/her congregation? He passes on THE TRUTH (as he/she sees it) as it is 'ordained', I guess.
But what does it mean, Passing on the truth?
I was thinking the other day about the question, "Why do we teach our kids Sex Education at school?" I mean, what's the point of teaching them THAT? Why not teach them something more along the lines of, "There are too many of you, please stop rutting for a decade or so. Give the planet a breather from the never-ending onslaught of your number."
Are we teaching sex education to our kids so that we can have them finger pervert priests in a court of law for their paedo crimes? Rather than FIX THE PROBLEM by keeping priests away from altar boys and choirs, are we merely equiping these sex-educated children with the vobaulary and terminology to explain what 'the bad man' did to them? Don't think I'm being prejudiced either, here - I'll direct such social comment at Day Care Centre perverts, and Child Minder perverts and Junior School Teacher perverts who've also 'been caught with their hand in the cookie jar' of their innocent charges.
But it's more than that ... in this country, we GIVE council flats to young pregnant mothers. We ENCOURAGE the separation of THE FAMILY. But it's more than that, by encouraging (by ownership) the proliferation of OUR TRIBE, surely we're contributing to THE DEATH OF AN ENEMY TRIBE? Helping these young consumers spawn more and more of their kind, ensures that WAR WILL CONTINUE and we all know how profitable war is.
But remember the BASIC PRINCIPLE of the Free Planet idea, "Do right by free planet and free planet will do right by you." Why (with this in mind) would we educate our society in a DESTRUCTIVE GROWTH MODEL of human existence when, as sure as eggs is eggs, this small planet has limited resources that all those who are alive have to battle each other for? Can't we see that expansionism = invasion? Can't we not understand the phrase, "Moderation in all things?"
You realize the futility of my question, diatribe? You realize that 'in my world' there's no need for a God, right? You realize there's NOTHING BUT US, all of us, from every country in the world, no barriers, no borders, no laws, no prisons, no government, no factories, no slavery. You realize that there's just us and the planet, and no one will judge us but OUR ACTIONS and the way we bring this poisoned planet back from the brink. An we're there, right now, living in a crazy mindset that will permit our corporate planet of GROWTH and GREED to suffocate us and make our children's lives a slave existence to the Empire Game, call it commercialism, call it communism, call it capitalism. We gotta BREAK THE GAME, there is no ethos, only results.
Yes, my views are a little EXTREME or NOT THE EDUCATED NORM.
But that's the only way we're going to get our planet back. By acting as a global populace, we can allow this planet what it was designed to do, "TO feed and clothe us."
PROFIT (or the invented financial bowel from which profit can be termed 'the turd after the feast') is the major negative driving force on this corrupt and criminal planet. PROFIT is not only mankind's enemy but THE ENEMY OF THE PLANET. I mean, that's the reason why I started the FREE PLANET movement, to eradicate earnings and ownership and wars.
You see I like to pull every sprawling idea back to this basic premise, "Will it work?".
When I was working in the games industry (3D character art and animation) I was a pain in the ass, I was always asking management, "Will it work," and some of them would look at me blank-faced. I didn't last long with those people, I don't suffer fools gladly. I work better with people who'll listed and that way things (real creative things) get done. I was always helping other 3D artists with 'functionality', helping them find some sneaky way to do this or that. I even wrote a whole bespoke modelling platform in conjunction with the best coder I've ever met, Andrew Ostler. This helped our machines, back then, to deal with the polygonal overhead of the project we were bringing to market, Medievil.
I learn things in fine detail and am able to share this information with other human beings. I wondered whether I should be teaching. Teaching what though? How to use a ridiculously-expensive and environmentally-toxic slave machine to make too-much-profit for a (literally amoral) corporation? I think not.
So what is the Church of Free Planet? And why does it have to be a church? Why can't it just BE a Free Planet that WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE? Why can't Free Planet have no priests? Or is nanny-state hand-holding our foreseeable future, ladies and gentlemen of the internet?
The question quickly becomes, "What is worth teaching the people of a what is effectively a slave planet so that they'll fight with their lives to foster and promote a Free Planet?" and I don't really think you CAN teach these achievers, these consumers, anything. They're so used to being BOMBARDED by flashy advertisements and alluring billboards peddling unnecessary bullshit at them all day long that the majority of them don't know how to be critical any more. They're PHYSICALLY zombies of the mall or drones of the mainstream media message of GROWTH IS CLEVER, GREED IS WORTHY.
Can you go up to these brain-damaged-herding-animals and suggest that, "We need to protect our innocent delicate little planet from the continued ravages, the raping and pillaging, of corporate global governance?" I don't think they'd get it. I think they'd look at you with a blank expression and go, "Whuh?"
Or is there hope?

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