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Hey, DC! Live Green Wants to Give You Discounts to Help You Do Just That

Posted on the 20 April 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev
Hey, DC! Live Green Wants to Give You Discounts to Help You Do Just ThatWashington, D.C. : the city of advocacy. As I was strolling to a local Potbelly for lunch, I was approached by a solicitor on 19th street between K and L. This is a usual occurrence in Washington and will only get more frequent as the weather turns nicer. I always check to see what organization is represented but rarely stop to sign up, talk, or otherwise interact with the sidewalk solicitors. This time, however, I noticed the organization was Live Green. “Hmmm….Perhaps I could write this up on the website. I should talk to these guys,” I thought. I told Randell (sorry if I miss spelled your name – they need to give you guys some business cards!) that I was hungry but would come back after eating.

Boy, the surprise on his face when I actually came back! I talked to him briefly and found out that Live Green “works to grow the green economy by making eco-friendly living easy, fun, and affordable in the DC Metro Area” and that they  ”are a membership organization connecting consumers to the best, local green businesses by securing great discounts on everyday green products and services.” Well, he didn’t put it exactly like that (I’m quoting the website there) but he had his spiel down pat and was very knowledgeable and interested in answering my questions. Based in Adam’s Morgan (across the street from the McDonald’s at 18th & Columbia) the organization aims to bring the environmental and economic together by finding businesses that are looking at the triple bottom line and considering people and the planet in addition to profit. Live Green members get a Live Green card that can be used for discounts at eco-friendly businesses in Washington, DC (and Chicago, apparently).

D.C. has recognized the company with the 2009 Mayor’s Environmental Excellence Award. As the website says, “Live Green gives you discounts with a purpose. For just $18/year, you’ll get a discount card that saves you money at all sorts of eco-friendly places.” Even though I’m moving to Japan in June, I may sign up. Take a look at the website, and let us know what you think if you are already a member.

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