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Herbal Treatment For Relief Of Stomach Pain

By Rojer @healthxwellness
Herbal Treatment For Relief Of Stomach Pain

When using herbal remedies for stomach problems, it's a good rule of thumb to always check with a doctor or licensed homeopathic care provider.

Stomach pain has developed many home remedies over the years. If your abdominal pain is incredibly severe, get to a hospital for medical treatment. It works each time though not in light of the fact that it altering the problem that is making the stomach torment. It takes your brain off of the agony permitting you to definitely unwind and consider different things which in turn unwinds your stomach.

It’s a kind of contemplation, your putting yourself in an euphoric, mitigating place in your brain to conquer the torment indicators your stomach is sending to your mind as a result of health issue you might have or possibly you barely consumed to much. It doesn’t matter what the make this never founders with slaughtering the agony.

Stomach aches may happen to anyone and they occur for any variety of reasons. Perhaps it came about because of something you ate. Maybe your nerves or stress may be the culprit. Still, it could be a signal of the bigger problem.


Licorice root contains compounds that ease digestion and reduce acid build up. As candy, it provides one of the tastiest and easiest to consider herbal remedies for heartburn and stomach discomfort. For some, its effects equal those of prescription antacids. To derive the greatest benefit from licorice, locate a deglcyrrhizined product; glycyrrhizin in licorice can cause side effects such as high blood pressure and water retention.


Spearmint is another herb that helps with digestion and may help minimize stomach pain. Drink a tea with the fresh leaves (use two tablespoons of the chopped, fresh herb) or use one teaspoon of the dried herb (or one tea bag) for every cup of hot water used. You are able to mix this with peppermint to have an even better remedy.


One of the all-time best herbs for stomach aches is chamomile and it helps by both controlling the spasms within the digestive track that could be causing it and helping to calm the nerves. This means it will also help against stress-related stomach aches.


Peppermint is another great herb for stomach aches especially if they’re caused from flatulence. You can even mix peppermint tea with chamomile tea to get the benefits of both herbs.


Prepared mustard contains several attributes that make it a natural for heartburn help. Ground mustard seed has long had a role as a traditional herbal digestive aid. Vinegar counters the excess acid that causes heartburn. Many mustards also contain turmeric, a bright yellow herb having a soothing effect. With all these heartburn-fighting ingredients inside, one half teaspoon of yellow mustard taken with a glass of water offers convenient relief for your chest pain.

Fennel Tea

Fennel is really a sweet herb that is popular both like a vegetable and as a condiment. The tea is often used for stomach complaints especially to aid digestion and to minimize stomach aches, especially those that come about due to flatulence. Drink a cup or two after your biggest meal of the day.

Stomach Pain Herbal Treatment

Stomach Pain Herbal Treatment


Ginger is another classic stomach ache remedy and may also help with nausea. It is commonly used for motion sickness as well as aids the digestion. You can use the spice in your cooking or brew the tea while using fresh, peeled root. Chop or press a one inch segment of the peeled root for every cup of hot water. This tastes great seasoned with honey.

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