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Hello..Anyone Home...Why Doesn't My Teen Listen?

By Joanigeltman @joanigeltman
Zits Cartoon for Jul/15/2013
I love this graphic! It just makes everything so clear. It's not that your teen is ignoring you, or actively not listening to you, it's that the competing interests in their brain drown out whatever conversation you are wanting to have. Unless of course,  whatever you have to say has something that positively impacts their life. So either speak really really loud, or keep that in mind when your teen has tuned you out. Joke them out of it, not yell them out it!
On a completely different subject. I went to see the movie The Way Way Back. I am giving it an A+++++. Go with your kids if you can. It is funny, sentimental, and has so many openings for post-movie conversation. 
Stay cool, both temperature wise (it is so hot) and with your teen. 

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