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Hello! I've Been Reading Your Running Posts, and You Really Are Inspirational, Well Done! :) May I Ask, How Did You Motivate Yourself to Get out the Door for Each Run, Especially in the Beginning? I Feel Really Self Conscious and Hate Being Seen Runnin...

By Kmitrix @kmitrix

Anonymous asked: Hello! I've been reading your running posts, and you really are inspirational, well done! :) may I ask, how did you motivate yourself to get out the door for each run, especially in the beginning? I feel really self conscious and hate being seen running, and I find that actually getting myself out the door (and back afterwards, as I try not to be seen by neighbours) is worse than running.

Hey! Look at that! My first anon - and such a nice one at that! Thanks for your message and I’m glad you’re liking my posts!

As for motivation, I used an app called 5KRunner and just did what it said - no internal fighing it in my head. The app said run, I ran. The app said walk, I walked. Just followed directions. I commited to training every other day or every 2 days.

To combat feeling self concious I just thought about WHO would be judging me - people watching me run while sitting on their asses in their cars? People watching me from their windows? I could care less about people in cars. As for neighbors, I can’t imagine how horribly boring their lives are if I’m interesting enough to stop what they are doing to watch me. If that’s where they’re getting entertainment, then I say watch away! I’ll even wave.

Bottom line is I have to live with what I do or don’t do, not my neighbors or strangers in cars. Training is good for me. Air in my lungs is good for me. Eating well is good for me. Those people out there just don’t matter. So they think I jiggle too much? They laugh at the chubby girl running? Or I make a weird face? Honestly - I don’t care. I don’t waste energy on the negative or on people who don’t count. Plus, they aren’t perfect. No one is. Who knows, maybe they are worried about what YOU think of them?

Thanks for reading and for the feedback! And please say hi if you come out of hiding ;)

GOOD LUCK! Get out there and do it!

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