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Healthy Family: 4 Habits You Should Teach Your Kids for Better Health

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

Nothing reassures parents more than knowing even when they’re absent; their kids can take care of themselves and remain healthy. As a parent, your kids look up to you; they pick up on your habits. What you teach your kids today plays a vital role in their future development. Therefore, it is essential to teach them how to take care of themselves as early as possible. Additionally, explain to your kids why these habits are vital to prevent power struggles and become their second nature. Here are some of the habits you should teach your kids for better health.

Healthy Family: 4 Habits You Should Teach Your Kids for Better Health

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From a young age, your kids should learn how to protect their skin from the sun and other harmful environmental elements. Teach them how to take baths and apply safe products to their skin. Teach your kids to moisturize, avoid popping pimples, and take care of cuts and wounds. If you notice your kids’ skin turning pink, it’s an indication they’re getting sunburned and need to learn to take care of themselves while out in the sun. Teach them to apply sunscreen with SPF 30, wear protective clothing, and stay in the shade to prevent the possibility of getting skin cancer in the future.

Dental care

Although milk teeth eventually come off, it’s necessary to teach your kids how to take care of their teeth at a young age, so it grows into a habit even when they acquire permanent teeth. Until the age of eight, you can help in cleaning their teeth, then teach them how to do it regularly. Be firm with when your kids should brush their teeth, for example, in the morning and before bedtime, and do it together for them to get used to it. Make a habit of visiting regularly for checkups to keep their teeth healthy.

Healthy eating habits

What your kids consume now affects their entire life. Prepare healthy meals for your kids, consisting of fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains, natural oils, and ensure they hydrate with enough water. Sugar is among the most addictive substances. It causes obesity that leads to other life-threatening diseases; reduce its intake. In addition, limit their consumption of highly processed foods and beverages with added sugars like sodas.  

Washing hands regularly

Washing hands is a simple act, but it can save your kids and the entire family from harmful germs that cause infections. It’s evident with the COVID-19 virus how vital it is to wash your hands regularly. Explain to your kids the importance of cleaning their hands and the kind of occasions when they should do so. These can be before and after meals, after playing, leaving the bathroom, blowing their noses, or being outside and touching surfaces. Finally, teach them hand washing techniques; you can make it fun by singing. Explain that when there’s no access to water, they can always use hand sanitizers.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to help your kids develop healthily. Teach them healthy habits like brushing teeth regularly, skincare, and make them their daily practices. Be a good role model and avoid bad eating habits that your kids can pick up on.

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Healthy Family: 4 Habits You Should Teach Your Kids for Better Health

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