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He Wants to Draw a Bat for You! He Wants to Draw a Bat for You!

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost

Photo: It's Free BAT Friday! Starting Monday, for a limited time, I want to draw a BAT for you! And to celebrate, today is FREE BAT FRIDAY! Leave a comment below to enter. One random winner will win a coupon code for a FREE Bat drawing when they're available on Monday... and since they'll be first in line, their bat drawing will be #1!

A sample of Steve's bat artwork

For October only - get your bats drawn at I Want to Draw a Cat for you! 
I can't resist watching his original commercial every time I visit his site:
Maybe you saw the famous Shark Tank episode where Steve Gadlin got Mark Cuban to invest $10,000 in his cat drawing business.
***Even if you didn't and you are into vampires, bats and Halloween, you've got a treat coming. Steve is drawing custom cartoon bats for the month of October! If you like free stuff, he has giveaways on his Facebook page every week, sometimes even more often than that.
Find it here:
Or Tweet to him here: @CatDrawingGuy

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