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He Filmed A Personal Encounter Then Showed His Friends

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10074157 He Filmed A Personal Encounter Then Showed His Friends

I have to admit when the lady in question messaged me on Facebook and asked me to anonymously ask her question on the mums group I almost choked on my cup of tea.

My partner and I got a little over excited last night and I gave him some “mouth action, down there” and without me knowing he recorded it on his mobile.

I demanded that he delete it and he told me he had yet at work today he showed his work friends. I am so angry and so embarrassed.

There were many mums who commented with support and agreed they too would be very angry as it’s breached her trust and is far from a joke.

While others turned more sinister and helped the mom plot her revenge. Here are some of their revenge tips;

Natasha - tell him you want kinky time, strip him off then tie him to the bed as him and then pretend you’re going to do something to him, tease him then stop. Take a photo then walk away go and have a bath and then send photo to the person he showed video too

Kayleigh - Buy a cheap blow up doll and tell him you want to see him [email protected]£k it and film him doing it then post it online

Donna – Omg that’s awful, I hope you’re ok xx I would have smashed his phone against the wall right after I snapped his memory card (if he has 1 )

Fiona - Wait until he’s asleep and lather Immac round his nether regions, don’t worry the blisters will go eventually, the scars are a reminder never to piss a woman off

Sam – Wouldn’t bother with a comeback I’d dump his arse why on earth would he show that?

Belinda - wipe your bum with his tooth brush and watch him brush his teeth later on

Fiona - Shag his best mate, video that and send him it

Saphire – Film him while sticking his hand in warm water whilst he is asleep and watch him piss himself or wet an old toilet roll card thing up, squish it so it looks like shit, stick it under his bum whilst he is asleep and shout FFS you’ve shit yourself

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