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HBO Knows It’s the King of Awkward Family Viewing

Posted on the 22 April 2014 by Geekasms @geekasms

Watching TV with your parents during a sex scene in “Girls” = painful.  Watching TV with your parents while they ask constant questions about who’s who in “Game of Thrones” = excruciating, and we’ve all been there.  That moment when you’re fully involved in a movie or TV show, and your parents are suddenly around at the exact moment that nudity or some explicit sex scene pops up on screen (and you pray nothing else pops up)

Typically the moment is followed by silence, or even worse, the parental chimes in with a comment or worse; a question.  Well HBO knows this, and knows that they’re the root of many of these awkward moments, and that’s the key to their new “Awkward Family Viewing” ad campaign for its subscription-screaming service HBO Go.

Your Body, Your Choice (Girls)

What’s He In? (Game of Thrones)

Unconditional Love (Girls)

Happily Married (Curb Your Enthusiasm)

First Cousins (Game of Thrones)

Faithful (True Detective)

Appreciation (True Blood)

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