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HAWAI Made a ‘Camping in the Rain’ Playlist to Make It Through the Dreary Days

Posted on the 02 August 2016 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

HAWAI Made a ‘Camping in the Rain’ Playlist to Make it Through the Dreary Days

It’s been thunderstorming in New York recently. Hard. And the dreary days have made waiting patiently for this month’s Welcome Campers even more challenging — we’re all just itching for a mini vacation from the darker weather. To help stem that tide of ennui, we bring you HAWAI’s brilliantly themed “Camping in the Rain” playlist. We’re hoping for sunny days and blue skies August 26-28 at our Massachusetts summer camp, but in the meantime, let these beautifully somber tracks help you embrace the raindrops whenever they come. Just imagine you’re sitting in the wilderness, and prepare for even more nature at Welcome Campers!

“I chose these songs for two reasons. Number one, I lived in Nashville for two short years…I’ve never experienced rain like that before. It would pour so hard that you couldn’t leave your house. There was something about being locked inside during rain storms that was incredibly inspiring. When you’re forced to stay put, your mind wanders, you think of things you’ve never thought of before. A lot of these songs were the ones that inspired me to write.

Reason number two, camping has always been a part of my life. Every year my family would go to Yosemite in the summer. I can recall a handful of Dmes that it’s rained while we’re camping. In the moment, camping in the rain is the worst…everybody is scrambling to get everything under a tarp or into the tent. It’s chaos for 5 minutes. But then there’s this moment where everything is larger then you, you’re soaking wet, and you kind of just sink into the moment and let it happen. This playlist consists of songs that inspired my past and influence the present. Hopefully it will play as the soundtrack to the next Dme anyone is outdoors (or indoors) stuck in the rain.” – HAWAI

The Doors – “Riders on the Storm”
The War on Drugs – “An Ocean In Between The Waves”
HAWAI – “Fault”
A.A. Bondy – “Black Rain, Black Rain”
Bob Dylan – “Shelter From the Storm”
Akron/Family – “Set ‘Em Free”
Sufjan Stevens – “Fourth of July”
Cass McCombs – “Brighter!”
Broken Social Scene – “Sweetest Kill”
The Clientele – “Reflections After Jane”
Yo La Tengo – “Our Way to Fall”
Whitney – “Follow”
The Books – “Free Translator”
Akron/Family – “I’ll Be on The Water”
Andy Shauf – “The Magician”
Cass McCombs – “Full Moon or Infinity”
Simon & Garfunkel – “The Sound of Silence”
Wilco – “One Sunday Morning”
Timber Timbre – “Demon Host”

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