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Hatred: The Natural Daily Kos Reaction to Netanyahu's Victory

Posted on the 18 March 2015 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.
racist racist everywhere ytn5klAs everyone knows, the people at Daily Kos just love Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Jews Zionists.
That being the case, let's take a gander at some of their musings upon Netanyahu's victory, yesterday, in the Israeli election.
Let's start by looking at the comments under this David Harris-Gershon "diary" with the fair and balanced title, Netanyahu's racist incitement against Arabs & rejection of two states lead to a comeback victory.
The first thing to note are the ubiquitous charges of racism against pretty much anyone that they do not like.  In this case all the high-pitched screechings are due to the fact that Netanyahu apparently claimed that anti-Likud operatives are getting the Arab vote out in large numbers and that Likud needs to step up their own get-out-the-vote drive.
That is it.  That is all.  In fact, what Harris-Gershon naturally will not tell you is that within the very link that he directs us towards we read:
Likud MK Gila Gamliel expressed her happiness with reports of high voter turnout among Arab citizens.
"I praise the high voter turnout in the non-Jewish sector. I'm glad. It gives them a sense of belonging and a will to change. Maybe it won't be expressed as support for Likud, but it will make different parties understand they should relate more to this public and put the treatment of Israeli Arabs in the foreground," Gamliel said.
He refuses to discuss this because it flies directly in opposition to his whipping up of hatred toward his fellow Jews and here, for your reading pleasure, is just a small sampling of that hatred.
NM Ray crows, "Racism and Prejudice carry the day in another election for a Conservative ideologue!"
sleipner calls Netanyahu a "racist Israeli war criminal."

environmentalism claims that Israeli policies are "racist and militaristic."

limpid glass is so enamored of Israeli culture that he tells us this:
There is no room for the Palestinians within Zionism. Zionism means: democracy is for Israeli Jews alone. Everyone else goes to the back of the bus.
elwior helpfully reminds us that Netanyahu has a "putrid, racist ass," although it remains rather unclear on just how she is so familiar with the Prime Minister's hindquarters.
Lepanto predicts that Israel is, or will be, a "racist, apartheid state."  

caseynm is so pleased that she thinks that Israel has it coming.  Whatever it is.  She writes, "If Israel elects this motherfucking racist pig then Israel deserves whatever happens to it."  I wonder if she has such strong feeling for, say, Hassan Nasrahla of Hezbollah who famously said, "If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide."  Somehow, I doubt it.
PhilZ comes right to the point about Israeli evil when he reasonably argues, "Now that Likud and the other ethnocentric, right-wing parties will again end up at the helm of the Israeli ship of state, the racist, intolerant, dehumanizing dark side of Israel's political soul lays bare for everyone in the world to see."
{I feel reasonably certain that what PhilZ has laid bare is his own political soul.}
PorridgeGun insists that the Netanyahu campaign bombarded the Israeli electorate with "fear and racism."

Needless to say, no one thought to ask for even a single example of this alleged racist "bombardment."

Wildthumb is also a Netanyahu fan who tells us, "This PIG did everything a Republican would do to get elected: scare conservatives, stir up racism, and spread false rumors. I'm sure Palestinians will now feel more radicalized than ever, and this PIG asked for it."
Yes.  Yes.  The Jews deserve whatever beating we get.  We know already.
LeftCoastTom suggests that Israelis may have liked "the appeal to anti-Arab-Israeli racism."
Whereas Mindful Nature is certain that the Israeli electorate is "dominated by racists."
DROzone agrees with Mindful Nature when he writes, "Racism wins when voters are racist."
brooklynbadboy also believes that Israelis are racist.  He writes, "Bibi went hardcore racist and the Israeli people voted for it. Good. Better we know exactlythe sentiment of the Israeli people. This, if we are lucky, can help separate the American people, and eventually the American government, from Israel."

I actually agree that Israel should be more independent from the United States, but this guy clearly wants to see the Jews of the Middle East thrown to the wolves.  If another Holocaust were to take place, so many of these people would simply shrug their shoulders, make "tsk tsk" sounds, and blame it on the Jewish victims and, yet, Jews are supposed to want to support the Left?
And this is just some of what we find within a single "diary" on a single day and it's just concerned with the racism charge.
We have not even, yet, considered the "warmonger" charge, nor the "liar" charge.
And let's not even get into Netanyahu's alleged thirst for the delicious and refreshing blood of Palestinian-Arab children... on ice.
The bottom line is that Daily Kos, and writers such as David Harris-Gershon, are involved in a project of whipping up hatred toward the Jewish people and toward the Jewish State of Israel.
In the case of Harris-Gershon it is particularly egregious since he is, himself, Jewish and is (or was) a teacher in a Jewish day school back east.  Harris-Gershon - a man who thought it appropriate to purchase gifts for the children of the terrorist who tried to kill his wife in Jerusalem - flatters himself that he is fighting for social justice.
This is what makes the irony so terrible, because the truth of the matter is that Harris-Gershon's main contribution to the discussion is one of whipping up hatred among non-Jews toward his fellow Jews in Israel, whom he holds in moral contempt.
There are people in the pro-Israel blogospher who think that Harris-Gershon is a fraud.
They think that he is a liar and that he does not care about the well-being of Israel.
I do not know this to be true.
{More is the pity.}

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